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    10 Tips For Great Makeup On Melanin Brides

    Makeup is an essential part of the bridal routine and brides need to serve faces and slaying looks for their big day. Brides obsess over their makeup and also put pressure on the makeup artist to ensure they look amazing. Melanin brides are a major delight to see looking at their flawless skin and rich tone glowing and sparkling.

    10 Tips For Great Makeup On Melanin Brides

    We know a lot of dark-skinned brides are prepping for their big day and need all the help they can get with their beauty look for the day. The Makeup artist needs to understand what works for their skin type and how to effectively achieve the flawless face beat that every bride deserves.
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    Dazzle On Your Big Day In This Bridal Beauty Look 22 KOKOBRIDESLet us share with brides and beauty artists tips for great makeup on dark-skinned and melanin brides.
    1. Moisturize
    A well-moisturized skin makes makeup easy and flawless and dark skin and melanin shine better when properly hydrated. Find a great moisturizer and let it work magic on your skin.

    10 Tips For Great Makeup On Melanin Brides kokobries2. Choose a foundation color in harmony with your skin tone
    Over the years makeup and beauty brands have started to make foundations and beauty products that cater to melanin skins. Find a good foundation ahead of your big day or trust your makeup artist to do so.

    10 Tips For Great Makeup On Melanin Brides 22 KOKOBRIDES3. Get a great blush palette
    We want to see that extra glow pop as you walk through your day and one step to achieving this is a great blush palette. Apply around the cheekbones for extra effect and that magical glow.

    10 Tips For Great Makeup On Melanin Brides 2121 KLOKOBRIDES4. Create the perfect lip
    For dark skin, the upper lip is naturally darker. So before putting on the lipstick, draw the outline with a semi-matte dark pencil, ideally enriched with jojoba oil.  If you find your mouth too fleshy, you can refine it by using the contour pencil on the inside of the lip. If your lips are too thin, draw the outline on the outside. The gloss can bring a touch of volume and make your mouth fuller. Always harmonize your lipstick with your blush.

    10 Tips For Great Makeup On Melanin Brides 222 KOKOBRIDES5.  Go Bold with Eye Makeup
    Bold eye makeup looks amazing on dark skin tones. Jewel tones and bright colours give vitality to your face and make your skin look gorgeous. Just make sure to leave your lips and cheeks more muted when you go with bold eye makeup.

    10 Tips For Great Makeup On Melanin Brides 123 KOKOBRIDES6. Create a mood board
    A mood board is one way to streamline choices and also present endless inspiration so ahead of your big day both brides and makeup artists can gather pictures of dark-skinned brides using their beauty looks as a guide and also pick unique features from each.

    10 Tips For Great Makeup On Melanin Brides 133 KOKOBRIDE7. Consider a trial makeover before your big day
    One way to ensure that the bride and makeup artiste are on the same page is to consider a trial before the big day. A bride can come in a week or few days to her big day for a trial sharing with the bride how she wants to look and products that work best for this. Dear brides to be we cannot wait to see your bridal beauty look on your big day.
    10 Tips For Great Makeup On Melanin Brides 3222 KOKOBRIDES
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