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    10 Tips On What To Wear For Your Civil Wedding Ceremony

    A civil wedding is one of the important steps for every couple’s marital journey as they both decide to become one walking the journey of forever together. Getting ready for this special intimate day is quite difficult as many couples wonder what would be appropriate for the ceremony without going overboard.

    Blend Simplicity And Style In This Civil Wedding Inspiration Look 2 kokobrdea

    We know simplicity is the keyword for your civil ceremony but dear brides this doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t serve looks and slay hands down. It is your special day so make the rules, set the standard, and determine the notes. We have shared inspirations and looks over here and today we serve you step by step guide on what to wear for your civil ceremony.
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    Chic civil Bridal Beauty look KOKOBRIDES 3

    1. Define your style
      Every bride has a style that is unique, exclusive to them whether you are minimalist, extravagant, etc. Your style will determine the choices you will make.This Classy Pink Look Is The Perfect Civil Wedding Inspiration KOKOBRIDES6
    2. Decide on your look
      For your civil ceremony simplicity is the keyword so you need to opt for a look that screams simple whether you want a gown, a suit, a jumpsuit, or a skirt and top. Make a decision from the option listed and go ahead to buy one or have a designer make you one.Aderonke And Emmanuels Civil Wedding Is Giving Us Major Goals 11 kokobrides 2
    3. Keep it clean and classy
      This is not the time to flaunt or show off certain body parts especially because of the nature of the ceremony. If you’re planning on wearing a slightly more daring outfit, still ensure you look, classy no one wants a tacky-looking bride.
      This Chic Beauty Look Is Absolutely Perfect for Your Civil Wedding 2 KOKOBRIDES
    4. Decide on your makeup
      Most face beats for a civil ceremony are usually clean and flawless to show off the bridal glow of the bride. The makeup is usually nude and alluring glam. The goal is to rock your big day without looking like an entirely different person.
      Civil Wedding Bridal Inspiration KOKOBRIDES 5
    5. Decide on your hairstyle
      Keep your hairstyle simple and you can opt for the ever classic bridal back bun if you are not familiar with options. The classic hairstyle should perfectly be in sync with your overall look.
      10 Tips On What To Wear For Your Civil Wedding Ceremony KOKOBRIDES
    6. Keep accessories minimal
      Don’t go over the top with the use of accessories while prepping your wardrobe. The very simple choice of jewelry should be considered and the accessories kept at a minimum.
      10 Tips On What To Wear For Your Civil Wedding Ceremony 322 KOKOBRIDE
    7. Choose comfortable and stylish shoes
      This affair is usually simple and short but you still need very comfortable shoes for this day. Opt for simple shoes with heels that you can walk and move around with. Most brides consider nude, white, off-white, gold, or silver shoes.
      This Vintage Classic Bridal Shoot Is The Definition Of Fairytale And Wonderland 2 KOKOBRIDES
    8. Pick a simple bouquet
      You need to choose a bouquet that goes in sync with the overall look and doesn’t take away attention from your outfit or any other part of your look. You could opt for a natural fresh flower bouquet or choose artificial ones it all depends on personal preference.  If your civil ceremony is coming up then these tips will come in handy.
      10 Tips On What To Wear For Your Civil Wedding Ceremony 45 KOKOBRIDE
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