A Chief Bride’s Maid With Distinct Class

Your bride’s maid can either add sparks of joy to your day or extinguish it with their vibes. And we trust you want to have happy people around you on your big day.

When choosing your bride’s maid, ensure they are people you can vibe with on the same energy level or people whose energy level is higher than yours. You need them, so they will help lighten up your atmosphere. People who are always hyper, energetic, full of life, fun to be with and of course show stoppers.

Naturally speaking, your bride’s maids are all that but one thing can make them behave otherwise, their dress. A bride’s maid can’t be happier at the sight of a perfectly fitted dress. It is what they’ve longed for and imagined. And trust me, you don’t want to ruin that for them.

Most importantly, your chief bride’s maid should be an embodiment of strength, courage, charm, love and all that good stuff. She is like your Personal Assistant for that day and sometimes, through the wedding preparations. So a captivating outfit for her shouldn’t be unachievable.

The bride’s maids always dress in the same outfit but with minimal differences in style, sleeve, strap, slit and what have you. But for the Chief bride’s maid, there’s always a distinct difference in her outfit that makes her standout and easily noticed.

It could be the color of her outfit, might be the same with other bride’s maid or a different shade. Sometimes, it could be the sleeve, additional strap, the neck cut, the slit or flare, veil, embroidery or embellishment added. Whichever one, it always makes the outfit gorgeous and captivating.

We noticed some really nice outfit for your Chief bride’s maid and we decided to share. Hope these doesn’t leave you in dilemma.

SOURCE: Instagram