Classy Reception Dress Inspo For Our KOKOnistas

Reception dresses are not optional need for the Bride-to-be, but an essential need. Only when you have designed for yourself a 2-in-one or 3-in-one bridal dress, then you don’t need an entirely different outfit for your wedding reception.

The wedding reception is the most fun part of the wedding ceremony, hence a need for a more regular yet exceptional dress for you as the bride. And for the conventional brides, wearing a long dress might be a little bit of fashion cliche for them. They can decide to wear a short ball dress, jumpsuit, short slit dress, sponge dress or a high thigh split dress. Anything does it for them, so far they look really chic in it.

Also, there is no particular color for your reception dress. You can get creative with colors. Either you do a singular bold or soft color, or you do a color mix. Regardless, it is your day, you are permitted to do whatever you want and slay however you want to, in as much as fashion isn’t lost.