Ditching Your Wedding Dress After Your Big Day? Recycle Instead

It might be difficult for any bride to let go of their wedding dress after their big day, as it is their most treasured item. But, ditching it or leaving it hanging in your closet isn’t the best idea either.

For some ladies, their wedding dress is just another fabric. While for some, it is not, they seem to be emotional attached to the clothing because it holds so much memories for them and they can’t just let go of it.

Regardless, we are sure it will interest you to know that you can trade your wedding dress for money should in case you can let go of your dress, or recycle it into better outfits or something creative if you are emotionally attached to your dress and not willing to let go.

Below are 5 great ways you can recycle your wedding dress;

  1. Sell it: You can sell your dress online yourself or through a vendor to recoup your investment. This option leaves you assured that even though you can’t get all the money you put into getting your desired wedding dress, you can get at least 50% of it.
  2. Put it up for rental services: This in a way is lucrative because for every rent, you get a certain amount of money and in the long run, you might end up getting more than you put into buying it.
  3. Donate to the charity: You could also donate your gown to the charity for disadvantaged brides that cannot afford to buy or rent a wedding dress for themselves.
  4. Restyle and/or Dye: Girl, another option you have is to restyle your wedding dress into a dinner or cocktail dress. Your fashion stylist can help you recreate something really gorgeous out of it.
  5. Use as a creative piece: On this note, you can use part of your wedding dress to make fun skirts, outfits for your kids, make designs on your jean wears, shoes, or household materials such as pillows.