Mi Amor: Stunning Igbo Bridal Look Inspiration

There is an aura in our traditional attire that is just different and we still can’t put our fingers around it and we are glued to its marvelous beauty. This stunning Igbo bridal look inspiration is just out of his universe.
When we start to wonder who invented Igbo traditional clothing and how satisfying the idea of mixing different vibrant colors was to produce something so extraordinary. This Igbo bridal look inspiration is top-notch and all shades of gorgeous.
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The vibe this muse is giving to us is daring she carries this royalty look on her skin while pulling off this astonishing Isi agu attire and her hair is styled in Bantu knots while accessorized with coral beads from the crown of her head to the sole of her feetigbo bridal look inspiration

Photo credit: Asaaofficial