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    Khadija And Nasir’s Pre-Wedding Photos Spell Romance

    Pre-wedding photos of lovely couple, Khadija and Nasir is something that capture true love! How the love birds met each-other is more than a coincident. It shows the two her fated to be together.
    Wedding BRIDES NG 9

    Sharing their love story, the groom said, “On a faithful sunny day, a friend of mine who happens to be Khadija’s uncle asked me to accompany him somewhere which happened to be her house. When we got there, I saw her for the first time and ever since then, I have been lovestruck and now she is my wife”. See their pre-wedding photos below:
    Wedding BRIDES NG 0
    Wedding BRIDES NG 2
    Wedding BRIDES NG 3
    Wedding BRIDES NG 4
    Wedding BRIDES NG 5
    Wedding BRIDES NG 6
    Wedding BRIDES NG 7
    Wedding BRIDES NG 8
    wedding BRIDES NG
    Photo Credit: Nonso Okoye

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