This Efik Bridal Inspiration Is Stunning

Tradition and culture are highly regarded in Nigeria, and every tribe tends to display a rich sense of style through the way they dress. The Efik tribe is not left out as our muse is giving us that Efik bridal inspiration that any Efik bride would love to recreate.
This Efik Bridal Inspiration Is Stunning

The muse rocked a green beautiful dress that showed off her stunning figure, Efik brides are usually known for their unique hairstyle called Etenge, the muse’s hair was styled into the famous Etenge hairdo which was decorated with royal pins, pieces of jewelry, gold pins which helped to enhance her look. She held a gold staff that was well decorated with green fabrics, she finished this look with her soft light face beat.
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Dear Efik brides if you are deep in thoughts about how to appear for your special day, don’t stress, just pin down this beautiful Efik bridal inspiration and it could be of great help for you on your big day.

Photo Credit: @qar10weddings