This Fulani Bridal Look Is More Than Beautiful

When it comes to African fashion and African weddings, Culture plays a big and vital role because that will be the apparent difference in the cultures, tribes and tradition of Africans.

The Fulani brides are not hard to identify because they have this distinct look that is emboldened with culture, traditional attires matching up the facial glam, accessories, henna designs and the popping vibrant colors that come to play in the Bride’s entire look.

This particular Fulani Bridal look brought creativity to limelight. It is a two-piece outfit sewn from Aso-oke fabric with a long cape. Her hairstyle, headpiece, beaded neck piece and wrist bead gives that traditional stunning exceptional bridal look.

Asides accessorizing, their tribal art is intriguing and it sums up the looks for them. The Fulani Henna design is usually patiently and steadily done so as to get a befitting outlook. Whichever shape or details needed is done to perfection.

Source: Instagram