Unconventional Hairstyles Brides Should Be Rocking

Bridal hair is one of the major parts of a bridal wardrobe and a lot of brides spend hours obsessing over the hairstyle that works perfectly for the shape of their face and also the style of their dress. Deciding on a hairstyle requires a lot of thought as you want to look your best and feel incredibly regal and astonishing.

Some brides choose to go out of the box with their hair and abandon the signature looks many brides opt for. There are a number of unconventional hairstyles that brides could slay in for their big day and they would look just as good as any other bride. They would stand out from the crowd and allow their personalities to shine through on their special day.

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Today we share 5 Unconventional hairstyles brides should be rocking for their special day.
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  1. Coloured weaves
    Most brides opt for the all-time classic black weave for their wedding but over the years some brides are stepping out and choosing to infuse colour in what they do. Bold colours like red, pink, purple have been spotted on brides and if you are a lover of coloured hair then go bold after all it’s your day and you make the rules.                                      Read also: How to Make Hair Diy Curl Hair
  2. Braids
    Braids are one hairstyle that transforms the look of anyone and so it is a great choice for your big day. You could do coloured braids or black and it could be styled and accessorized with beautiful hair accessories like hairpins etc.]
  3. Ponytail
    We sure love the classic ponytail hairstyle for how it frames the face of the bride and draws everyone in. You could use a fascinator on the hair and you have a civil ceremony look ready to go.                                                                                                   Read More: Best Black soap For Glowing Skin
  4. Short hair
    Who says your short hair can’t work for the perfect bridal hairstyle slay? We all know not all women grow out their hair as some choose to go low or bald as it may be. Rock it for your big day and switch things up by dyeing the colour into something that works for you.                                                                                                                      Read More: Rock 15 Stunning Work Friendly Corporate Chiffon Gowns
  5. Dreadlocks
    If you are a bride on dreadlocks you should absolutely rock it for your wedding and have it styled to perfection. Whatever hairstyle you choose for your big day own it and rock it in style.                                                                                                                     Read More: Hair Tips Essentials Materials Steps to Revamp Your Wig

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