10 Wedding Accessories Every Bride Should Have For Her Big Day

There are so many things to put in place while planning your wedding that it could make you overlook your wedding accessories, these wedding accessories are what tie an outfit together to make it a complete look.
10 Wedding Accessories Every Bride Should Have For Her Big Day

It’s the little details that make your big day special and unique, your wedding accessories are items that enhance your overall look because you can’t dress up in your wedding gown without accessorizing it. Getting ready for your big day and you don’t know any wedding accessories you are supposed to have you don’t have to struggle because we will be telling you ten wedding accessories every bride should have.
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Here are 10 wedding accessories every bride should have
Hair accessories
There are several options that come with this, if you choose to wear your hair up or down there are accessories to choose from it could be a tiara, a headband, a comb, hairpins, hair clips, flower crown, etc. The choice will be yours to make, and whatever hair accessories you pick will certainly do justice to your attire.
Bridal jewelry
This is common because every bride will have to wear a necklace depending on the kind of wedding dress chosen and pairing the necklace with earrings are absolute. Although the most common bridal jewelry that will be worn as a bride is your engagement ring.
Bridal sash
Sashes are mostly thrown on your wedding dress to make it a little more perfect. With the right sash, your dress could look top-notch. If you are into that sparkly look and you don’t want to go over your budget you could settle for a crystal sash.
There might be items you want to keep and you can’t go about carrying them in your hands, having a purse to keep these items safe is a good idea although most of the time you will be holding your bouquet. You can give your purse to someone you trust to hold for you while you move about.
Wedding ring
You would definitely need your wedding ring, it is worn during the exchanging of vows. So it is a very important wedding accessory that shouldn’t be left out on your big day.
Wedding shoes
If you decide to go with heels or flats it is up to you, but it is necessary to pick out your shoes before your dress will be made to suit the shoes. When selecting your wedding shoes consider the venue and of course your comfort. For example, if you opt for an outdoor wedding on the beach it is better you stick with sandals or wedges rather than a stiletto.
There is a tradition that comes with this in the wedding reception the groom uses his teeth or hands to remove the garter from his bride and toss it into the crowd. The garter toss is similar to the bouquet toss, the bachelor who catches the garter is believed to be the next to get married.
A bouquet is a vital accessory to your dress, make sure you go with a bouquet style that goes with your dress. You don’t want to pick a bouquet that doesn’t match your dress or even the theme of your day. Just so you don’t make a mistake while doing this you should work very closely with your florist.
If you wish to go with a traditional, vintage look, you could decide to accessorize your dress with gloves. Bridal gloves come in different varieties. Just note that if you are wearing gloves for your wedding ceremony, you’ll have to remove them during the ring exchange.
Bridal veil
Wearing a veil complements your gown, it is the traditional and most formal wedding accessory worn by brides. Though people say veils have gone out of style it is still mostly used to date. It gives the bride an angelic look that shouldn’t be seen until it’s time to unveil her by the groom.

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