10 Reasons Why You Need A Bridal Stylist For Your Big Day

Planing a wedding can be overwhelming and put you on bridezilla mode which a lot of brides usually become as they run through the items they require for their big day. A wedding is the biggest day of your life so everything must be perfect and flawless. Getting everything right for your big day requires a lot of things from your wardrobe to your accessories, shoes, and several other things so we can only imagine how overworked you are searching for vendors and also dealing with them. This is where your bridal stylist comes in as they help you deal with your wardrobe and make your planning super easy.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Bridal Stylist For Your Big Day

A bridal stylist are a team of experts who help you understand and decide the fashion, styling, and wardrobe for your big day. They help you curate the best styles and carefully pick statement pieces to complement your bridal look ahead of your wedding ensuring that you look your best. Their duties include determining styling preferences, taking measurements, and selecting suitable gowns for fitting. They may also be required to advise on matching bridal accessories.

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To Define your style
Many brides struggle to find the sort of style they would want for their wedding because it is the biggest day of their life they want everything to be perfect. Do you want your style to be loud, bold, subtle, or a timeless and classic bride? A stylist helps you define this by asking questions about your style that makes decision-making easier.

Style other events surrounding the wedding
Beyond your wedding day, there are other important events that surround it like pre-wedding photoshoots, civil ceremonies, engagement parties and sometimes the traditional wedding ceremonies. 

Planning with other vendors
For your big day, you work with an endless number of vendors from your photographer to your makeup artist, hairstylist, and others so you need a level of coordination with the other vendors for a seamless run of events creating mood boards, lookbooks, etc.

Expertise Advice
Choices can be overwhelming so you need an expert who understands the world of weddings to help guide your choices, and also give you expert opinion on what’s best for you and your body type.

Trends and pattern in wedding fashion
Just like every other aspect of fashion the wedding scene has it trends that are peculiar to each year and a bridal stylist stays abreast with these trends. The stylist helps by showing you trends that you should consdider and embrace as you make your decisions.

Body Analysis
Every body type has a look or fit that works for them and you can’t dress all bodies the same way. It is important to understand your body type and the dresses that flatter them and highlight your features. For example, halter necks help create the illusion of narrower shoulders. While off-shoulders sleeves work best on people with hips as wide as their bust.

Selecting Your wedding dress,
This is the biggest higlight of the day and we know how much brides drool and obsses over this piece. A stylist guides and shares inspiration with brides about their wedding dress. They help the bride answer questions to ensure that she says yes to the right dress. From the initial consultation to the final dress fittings and also on her wedding day to ensure all her needs are met and that she looks perfect on her big day.

Accessorizing bridal gowns with decorative jewelry, veils, gloves, and headpieces
Once your wedding dress is done we move to your accessories like your head piece, veil, gloves and several other items in your bridal wardrobe. Picking the perfect accessories is important so it compliments the overall look of the day.

Put together a complete bridal look
Every couple needs a bridal look for their big day that covers their entire wardrobe from your gowns/suits, to shoes, accessories etc. This look must reflect your personality, style and vision for yor big day. Your bridal stylist helps you define these components during your consultation so you don’t look back at your wedding pictures confused if you were really yourself on your wedding day.

Bridesmaid and groomsmen’s outfit
Just like the bride and groom the bridesmaid and groomsmen are also very important for your big day and it is essential that they look just as good as you do. A stylist helps with options for the bridesmaid and groomsmen’s dresses and also colour coordination to ensure that they fit with the colour theme of the couple. We don’t want a rainbow looking bridal party.