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    #theKAlovestory: Dora And Kelle’s Love Story And Pre-Wedding Shoot

    Love! Love! Love!! Every day people fall in love under different circumstances and end up spending eternity forever. Dora and Kelle’s love story is an unexpected but yet graceful story we’ve heard. The couple shared their love story on Instagram along with photos from their pre-wedding shoot.
    Dora And Kelle's Love Story And Pre-Wedding Shoot

    There is so much joy that comes from finding the right one who will stick with you through thick or thin, no matter what, Dora wrote about how she had prayed to meet her spouse and her wish definitely came true. She wrote;
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    theKAlovestory Dora And Kelles Love Story And Pre Wedding Shoot KOKOBRIDES4
    “Our Love Story!!!
    It has been my prayer to God to meet my spouse before the year ends, and I did meet him at the least imagined of all places….in a transit bus; lol!. Seated just right beside me, we started talking and bonded so well throughout the Journey.
    We exchanged Instagram handles and got chatting after a while..and now we are about to take on another journey but this time it’s forever…”
    theKAlovestory Dora And Kelles Love Story And Pre Wedding Shoot KOKOBRIDES3

    Photo Credit: @lypixphotography

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