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    Evelyn And Emmanuel Met At A Cozy Bar And It Led Them To #TheEMsquad24. Enjoy Their Sweet Love Story!

    Evelyn and Emmanuel met at a cozy bar one cool evening. Emmanuel already knew what he wanted the moment he saw Evelyn and he decided to shoot his shot. Here they are today about to tie the knot for life.

    Emmanuel and Evelyn pre wedding KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Enjoy their love story below as shared by Evelyn:

    It was a cool Saturday evening on October 15th 2022, after a long hectic day at work. I was already drained from activities of the day but my homies insisted we grab a drink somewhere to cool off.

    So we got into this cozy bar and surprisingly every table and extension was occupied. Then we glanced through and saw a table that had extra chairs with only 3 guys on the table. We were like “let’s manage with them, we will just mind our business.

    Emmanuel and Evelyn pre wedding KOKO Brides Nigeria 1

    As we sat there waiting for our order, I got engrossed with sending reports of the day. Minutes into having one/two bottles, I realized my girlfriend had already struck a conversation with these guys and I was like “That wasn’t the plan o”.

    They kept going and going and I showed little interest, just pressing my phone and chipping in whenever I was tapped for my opinion. Little did I know that someone had eyes on me from the beginning.

    When we were done and about leaving, this guy asks me for my number and I was like “me????”. Why? Me that wasn’t even paying attention to your gist sef. Well I just gave my number for peace sake and here we are today.

    Emmanuel and Evelyn pre wedding KOKO Brides Nigeria 2

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