Suits To Consider For Your Wedding

 Brides spend a lot of time as they plan for the right wedding dress and reception dress to wear for their weddings, grooms should not be left out, they should also look for the right suits so as to look exquisite and dashing on their big day.
Suits To Consider For Your Wedding

Picking out a suit can be overwhelming too for our grooms to be, just so you don’t get too stressed out looking for what to wear before your big day, we have put together a list of suits that can be considered and you can wear for your wedding. So don’t forget to pin this down as it will be of great help for you.

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Unstructured blazer
An unstructured blazer is also known as an unconstructed one. It differs from a regular blazer or suit jacket because it has less padding on the shoulders and is more breathable. This is definitely a great suit to wear to your wedding.
Structured blazer
The structured blazer gets its name from the cut of the shoulder. The shoulder pad sits just past the sleeve head, giving the jacket a structure that compliments the body’s natural shape.
Double-breasted suits
The double-breasted suit includes additional buttons on either side of the jacket for aesthetic purposes, unlike the single-breasted suit. The total number of buttons ranges from four to eight and typically lands at six. As a result of the extra buttons, the focal point drifts from the seam toward the sides to create the illusion of a wider frame.
Single-breasted suits
The single-breasted suit is the most popular kind of suit, it normally contains two or three buttons along the seam. There is an unwritten rule with a single-breasted suit that says that for a one-button suit you should button when standing and unbutton when sitting. For a two-button suit, you should button the top button when standing, unbutton it when sitting, and never fasten the lower button. When it’s a three-button suit, the top button is optional, the middle button is always fastened whether you’re sitting or standing, and the lower button is never fastened. A single-breasted suit can look great on any man’s body.

Classic fit suits
This type of suit is usually very comfortable, just like the name it is classy and simple. It is an easy choice if you want something that’s perfect to wear at your wedding. It is safe to say that a classic fit suit will never go out of style.
Modern fit suits
Modern fit suit styles are made to conquer any outing, it is well fitted on the body, unlike the classic fit suit that is a bit free.

Single vent
Wearing a single vented suit opens you up to what could be an unflattering risk. You’ll be exposing the seat of your pants when you put your hands in the pockets. The vent is that small slit you notice on the backside of a suit blazer or jacket, if the vent is parted when you’re hands aren’t in your pockets, it means your jacket is the wrong fit.
Double vent
As the name implies, side vents cut the slit on both sides to keep the jacket from parting or bunching when you put your hands in your pockets or take a seat. The double vent allows for greater freedom of movement, it can also improve your shape.
No vent
Suits with no vents create a more fitted look, however, without any vents, the jacket itself is more prone to creasing or bunching when you put your hands in your pockets or sit down. This style is still one of the best suited.

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