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    Tips When Choosing A Wedding Souvenir

    Wedding souvenirs are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception.

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    Below is tips when choosing a wedding souvenir.

    Choose Something Theme-Related: If your wedding has a theme, the wedding souvenir should relate to the theme. The theme would represent you and your partner taste and incorporate elements that feel true to who you both are.

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    Pick Something Personal: Couple should choose items that have personal meaning to them. This can be something related to their favourite place or hobbies.

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    Try them out: Before choosing a wedding souvenir, sample them first. If you are going to hand out something edible, taste them first to see if they are nice.

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    Consider Something Edible: Guests will enjoy something delicious to eat. Examples include candies, cookies, cupcakes or mini bottles of alcohol.

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    Match With Your Colours: The colour scheme dictates everything. While your souvenir don’t have to be an exact match, it has to at least complement it so it doesn’t clash.

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    Keep Your Budget in Mind: You’ll be buying a lot of wedding souvenir. Make sure you Keep your budget in mind. Buy things in bulk to save money if your guest list is large.

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    Take Care With the Presentation: Even if the souvenir is small. Make sure you take time to make the presentation special. Have your wedding date and names to make it special. This makes it more personalised and memorable. Wrap or box the wedding souvenirs nicely to make them stand out.

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    Make Sure the Wedding Favours Are Noticeable: Have them handed out by the servers at a set time, placed on a highly visible table in an eye-catching display.

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