Gabrielle And T.Moore Are Proof That Black Love Is Magical And Obtainable

For every road you ply and journey you embark on, there is always a destination. Sometimes, you could stop half way to redress or restrategize, or you could make a major turn in your life. Other times, you could just end the journey and go back.

For Gabrielle and T.Moore, it is a road to happily ever after. Although they had a little rift in their relationship, where their ego battled each other. After it all hot the fan, they were left with these questions to answer; “can y’all live without each other?” and “do y’all want to?” Apparently, their answer was “NO”. They have gone beyond physical love and attraction to loving unconditionally with. i limits, forgiving each other, been patient, king to each other and overcoming together with one another.

So here we are, telling their love story and sharing proposal pictures of their wedding that is set to happen 11th November, 2020. Indeed there is a reward in commitment.

T.Moore had this to say on his Instagram page;

“If there’s ever been a question that changed my life forever, it’s the one that sounds like this. Taylor Gabrielle Barnes, will you be my wife? She said YES and from there a new chapter has been added to our love story. This chapter is called The Merger. We’ve experienced a year full of what felt like an accelerated relationship course and now I’m blessed with the opportunity to marry my best friend. Let the story continue. #forevermoore. Let this serve as a reminder that BLACK MEN know exactly how to make their BLACK WOMAN secure. This is my biggest 🦾 to date! There is power in commitment 🖤'”

Gabrielle on the other hand had a lot to say about her husband to be. It has actually being a long time coming for both of them.

See what Gabrielle said on her Instagram page;

“God ordained this and made it PLAIN to the both of us not just in the flesh honey but in spirit, in soul, in physical, emotional…mental , everything !!!! Everything I asked and wept for FIRST I found in MYSELF and then God also presented it to me, in the form of a man and that man is you @tmooremedia . I love you unconditionally baby and I’ll never stop learning how to love you, learn you and grow with you. I thank God for allowing us to find each other AGAIN in this lifetime. Idgaf what you thought about Black Love let us be confirmation that’s it’s real, raw, magical and obtainable !
Somebody tell this Black Man HE WHO FINDS A WIFE, finds a whaaaattttt ????? • #forevermoore

SOURCE: Instagram