Media Personality Ik Osakioduwa And Wife Olo Celebrates 13th Wedding Anniversary

Forever is a long time, and having the right person to spend this time with is everyone’s desire. Media personality Ik Osakioduwa and wife Olo Osakioduwa celebrated their 13 years wedding anniversary on Sunday 3rd October 2021.
 Ik Osakioduwa And Wife Olo Celebrates 13th Wedding Anniversary

The couple took to their separate Instagram accounts to write beautiful heartwarming messages to one another as they celebrate. Ik Osakioduwa mentioned how his wife is still the prettiest in the room after 13 years, he also shared 13 promises to his wife saying;
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“Thirteen years later
You are still the prettiest girl in the room (but you’re still not about that)
You’re still the most fiercely loyal person I know (emphasis on the fiercely)
You still like to “form hard guy hard guy” (but a small thing like a popped balloon can bring you to tears)
I want to promise you a few things about the years to come:
1. I’ll never leave home without letting you know I love (even when I’m upset with you)
2. I’ll always tell you how beautiful you look (I’ll occasionally lie to emphasize this point but not much)
3. I’ll never try to change you (Maybe improve you but not change you)
4. I’ll make more of an effort to read the emails from school (they too should try to reduce them)
5. I’ll try harder not to ruin your diets
6. I’ll work hard to make sure that the travel dream you had is sorted
7. I’ll keep rubbing that your dirty back till I fall asleep (but seriously we should check that out)
8. I’ll try to stop complaining about the nasty reality shows you watch
9. I’ll let you do you on holidays. You can stay indoors all you want.
10. I’ll keep loving and grabbing that your South African spec ……….
11. I’ll continue to teach you to unlock your inner nasty girl
12. I’ll cover the areas where you struggle
13. I’ll always love you. ALWAYS.
His wife also penned a beautiful wedding anniversary message to her husband, thanking and appreciating him for everything. she quoted;

Major Support for the last 13!
You spoil me with your ACTS OF SERVICE!
From the “I’m heading back home, do you need anything from this side?” To the “Focus on what you need to do, Don’t worry, I’ve got the kids”.
The numerous “Don’t worry”, I’ll sort it out, the back & feet rubs. Then the “Don’t worry, I’ve got you”.
And also the “Don’t worry, I’ll do the school runs”, y’all will think this is nothing until you realize you’ve been spared perhaps hours of commute(Lagos traffic giving me side-eyes
You are VERY KIND, thank you. May you experience many of God’s “Don’t Worry, I’ve got you”. Happy Anniversary boo thang, main squeeze @ikosakioduwa

Photo Credit: Instagram