South Korean Actor Shim Hyung Tak And Hirai Saya Hold 2nd Wedding Ceremony In Seoul, Share Pictures

South Korean actor Shim Hyung Tak shared several pictures of his second wedding ceremony with his Japanese wife Hirai Saya.

As per Soompi, it was held on Sunday in Seoul, South Korea. Their first wedding ceremony took place near Mt Fuji in Japan. Shim Hyung Tak and Hirai Saya have an age difference of 18 years.

According to the report, Shim Hyung Tak’s agency Alomalo Humain Entertainment shared pictures from the wedding ceremony. Soompi quoted Shim Hyung Tak as saying, “I am beyond happy to have wise and lovely Saya as my wife. After my last tears I shed at the wedding in Korea, I will stop crying and become a strong husband for Saya and our family. I promise to protect my wife for the rest of my life.”

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Soompi also shared that the first part of the ceremony was hosted by Jun Hyun Moo and the next part was held by comedian Moon Se Yoon.

The wedding song was performed by Shin Sung and Lee Seung Chul. They feature with Shim Hyung Tak on Groom’s Class. He announced his wedding with Hirai, whom he met four years ago, in April this year. They got acquainted while he was filming for a television show in Japan.

Ahead of their wedding, Shim Hyung Tak and Hirai appeared in Groom Class. As quoted by Huffington Post Korea, Shim Hyung Tak had said, “We will have a wedding first in Japan on July 8,” and “we will get married right under Mt Fuji”.

About Shim Hyung Tak

The actor featured in several dramas such as Rustic Period (2002), Snow White: Taste Sweet Love (2004), Drama City: Watch for the Angel (2007), The Road Home (2009) and Three Sisters (2010). He was also seen in Welcome Rain to My Life (2012), You Are the Boss (2013), Let’s Eat (2014), Miss Mamma Mia (2015), and Touch Your Heart (2019). He is well known for Doraemon Mania.

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