When The Bride Becomes The Muse. Kiki Blac Made Her Bridal Outfits With Love

We can only imagine the joy in the heart of Kiki when she finally got the opportunity to become her own muse. The stunning Bridal stylist had over the years helped a lot brides look perfect for their big day and it was time for her to look perfect for her own big day

Everyone anticipated her bridal wardrobe and she certainly didn’t disappoint anyone as she brought the best outfits to the table for herself. The bridal stylist deserves only the best. She made sure to bring every emotions she was feeling to life on her designs and we got the dreamy, princess feel.

Each look  and outfit made me feel like the most beautiful person in the room and it totally represents my style; sophisticated, effortless and classy. I loved that each of my look was unique, authentic and specially crafted for me as I made three of my four looks myself . Each look was made with love ❣️.Kiki shared when asked about her dresses.

Look 1
The Benin Princess: Nothing screams royalty like this Benin princess outfit from Kiki. Looking at her in this traditional attire all we saw was a princess heading to meet her prince and they would live forever in their castle of love.

Look 2: Itsekiri Royalty
I am a princess and my husband is the prince, we live in a castle of love. The colour purple is seen as the colours for mornachs and royyals so as the itsekiri princess purple had to be part of her bridal colours . We absolutely love this look and all we can scream is “Me vwe eguono kpa ho we”

Look 3: Say Hello to the newest Mrs in town
How do you re introduce yourself to your friends when you just got married to the love of your life. You show them the baby girl and wifey vibes. Kiki put a lot of thought into her third outfit and it screamed chic, simple , elegant and classy.

Look 4: The Black Bridal look
Gone are the days when it was a taboo for brides to wear the colour Black. The modern day Avant Garde bride will wear the colour black and dazzle in it. She rocked a black sequins dress as her last look and it was all shades of glam. She switched up her makeup and went from simple to a hot town girl and we are sure her city boo loved it.

Photography: Victor Samuel Photography