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    10 Signs Your Partner Is Ready To Propose

    Every girl looks forward to the day when that special man that holds the key to her heart will go down on one knee and pop the question. For a lot of women, they have the special day all planned in their head and are only waiting for it to materialize. While dating in a relationship we always imagine when our partners will finally be ready to propose and take the next big step.


    The proposal is usually a surprise as partners love to keep it a secret so they can wow their lovers and give them all the feels for the special day. A lot of women share that they are shocked when it happens while some say they saw it coming. You wonder how, it is pretty simple.
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    SIGNS YOUR PARTNER IS READY TO PROPOSE kokobrides 321Here are 10 signs to know when your partner is ready to propose.
    1. He is discussing Marriage, children, and Family
    This is one of the signs that your man is about to go down on one knee and ask you to be his forever. He is constantly asking about marriage, the type of home he wants to build with you, and also how many children you want to have. Your answers to these questions determine if you go to the next level and he makes you the woman to do this with.

    SIGNS YOUR PARTNER IS READY TO PROPOSE kokobrides 92. He or She Asks for Your Ring Size/ Jewelry Shopping
    A lot of times many people avoid jewelry shopping but when they are ready to propose he/she is willing to comb the entire jewelry shop finding the perfect ring for you. They know that you deserve the best and are willing to find it for you. If you notice one of your rings is missing, he or she might be trying to figure out the measurements of your ring finger.

    SIGNS YOUR PARTNER IS READY TO PROPOSE kokobrides 113. Your Partner Is Acting Secretive and Nervous
    Asking someone to marry and spend the rest of their lives with you is a huge task and when your partner decides to do this they are scared, nervous, and unsure about the outcome. This could be a sign he or she is in the process of purchasing the ring or planning the actual proposal so they are overwhelmed trying not to spill the good stuff. 

    PROPOSAL 3KOKOBRIDES4. Your friends are dropping hints
    Your friends are very important to achieving a great proposal so they become extra nice/nervous ensuring that all things go well. They share with you to love your man even more and constantly ask if everything is great at the home front. They sometimes push you to go for a manicure, spa date, etc.

    SIGNS YOUR PARTNER IS READY TO PROPOSE kokobrides 225. Your man suggests a makeover
    Your man will ask you to consider going cloth shopping and get a few stunning dresses that could pass for date night and also makes you look really stunning. He could also order dresses online and have them delivered to you for unknown special occasions.

    SIGNS YOUR PARTNER IS READY TO PROPOSE kokobrides 66. He’s been spending more time with your family.
    A guy who is ready to propose starts spending time with your family. He goes off to your parent’s or sibling’s home to hang out with them and uses it as the perfect opportunity to fish for information ahead of your proposal. He has also gone to ask your dad or brother for permission to propose.

    SIGNS YOUR PARTNER IS READY TO PROPOSE kokobrides7.  Your schedule is suddenly their main concern.
    They need the plan to be perfect so they want a deep insight into your schedule so it doesn’t clash with their plans. Their questions may be a bit overbearing but it is a clue that he is about to propose and he wants it to be perfect

    SIGNS YOUR PARTNER IS READY TO PROPOSE kokobrides 1118. He is Planning a mystery trip to your favourite destination
    He is suddenly talking about traveling and his computer search history has also been showing a lot of destination sites. You wonder what he is up to best believe he is planning a destination proposal and wants it to be perfect for you.

    SIGNS YOUR PARTNER IS READY TO PROPOSE kokobrides KOKOBRIDES Copy9. Cuts down spending
    One sign he is about to propose is the new focus on his financial and spending habits. He has changed his shopping habits by buying only what is critically important. When a man is ready to settle down, he plans and saves not just for the ring, but your future expenses like the wedding and other things.

    SIGNS YOUR PARTNER IS READY TO PROPOSE kokobrides 2 Copy10. Attends counseling or is reading relationship books
    When a man starts paying attention to marriage, relationships, the family he is getting ready to go down on one knee. It has been discovered that when a partner is getting ready to propose some head over to marital and relationship counseling to deal with baggage from their past and also get educated on the responsibility in the future. Some gather books and materials on marriage, relationships, dating and begin to read and understand.
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