10 Tips To Deal With Death Of A Partner

With you, I have promised to share forever but forever does come with a timeline and sometimes it is cut short when one partner passes away due to sickness, accident, age, or other unforeseen circumstances. The death of a partner is one of the greatest hurts anyone could ever experience. A part of you is gone forever, lost and away.

The death of a partner is a life-altering process that leaves a deep gap and hurt in the life of the other party and dealing with this loss is a long process that doesn’t come easy. We would be sharing tips to deal with the death of a partner.
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  1. Cry
    Crying is one way to acknowledge the hurt and pain you feel after the death of a partner and if crying helps please do. Don’t bottle up your emotions, acting strong and fine in front of friends, family so they assume you are fine. Express your emotions loud and clear and healing will come.
  2. Give Room To Grieve
    There is no set way to grieve and no one will tell you how to mourn a loved one or question how you mourn. You may need to cry, or take a few days off from work, or sit in silence, so allow space to do all that.
  3. Speak Up
    Acknowledging the emotions, hurt that you feel is a great step to healing from the death of a partner. Speak to family, friends, colleagues, and other rusted people you know about how you feel.
  4. Seek Therapy
    Therapy doesn’t mean you are weak or acting up, speak to a professional about how you feel and let them help you process your emotions, and recommend healing tips for you to heal.
  5. Take thing easy
    Don’t rush, take your time to ease into your daily routine, work-life, and also social life. Rushing back to embrace your old life may end up leaving you overwhelmed with grief.
  6. Socialize
    Leaving your home, environment to interact with people will help you with grief but avoid going back to work as it may ease you into becoming a workaholic. You may struggle to interact but over time it will get better.
  7. Take care of your physical health
    Your physical health impacts your mental health, and other areas. So look after your physical health like self-care, spa visits, facials, eating, exercise getting enough sleep, and rest.
  8. Grief Doesn’t Have An End DateYour will stop crying every day, routines will return to normal, you will laugh again. It will be easier but grief doesn’t really ever end. It’s important to come to terms with that, and to recognize there’s often a lot more going on under the surface. Anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays will be heartbreaking, but you two will learn how to get through it.

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