10 Tips To Enjoy Your Own Company As A Single Person

Enjoying your own company is like meditation. Where you realise and get to know yourself very well. Senses and feelings come alive and start to tell you things about you and the world around you that you never knew.

Wanting to spend time alone is a very normal and enjoying your own company is a necessity. We all sometimes need to spend some alone time and be by ourselves.

Below is 10 tips to enjoy your own company as a single person.

Learn about yourself: Learning about yourself creates a better understanding of your own thoughts and feelings, as well as your behaviour. Become your own friend. This will give you a chance to really get to know yourself better.

Book a holiday for one: This might leave your comfort zone and allows you to try something completely new. Pick a destination that is in your preferences and book it. Remember that you are your own friend.

Find your hobby: Write down whatever interests you. It could be signing up for a cooking lesson or going the gym or even hiking. Make sure whatever you write down is a priority and you actually can do it on a regular basis.

Take yourself out for a nice meal: Book your favourite restaurant and ask for a table for one. You might feel lonely but you deserve to enjoy your own company at a nice restaurant. Remember to treat yourself to what you like.

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Talk to yourself: Learn to listen to your inner voice, be positive, and be kind to yourself. Learning about yourself and being able to enjoy your own company will help you to become more independent as a person.

Plan a Self-Care Day: Have a self care day. Pampering yourself. Practise meditating or simply take a few deep breaths envisioning in your mind exhaling anxiety and inhaling all the positivity the day might bring.

Plan For The Future: Have things to look forward. It gives you a focus, something to look forward to and something to work towards.

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Learn To Be More Productive: Do something with your day and plan ahead. Doing nothing becomes boring. Plan a day out alone to the store or an activity you can do alone.

Keep a journal: Write a journal so that you can connect with yourself. Journaling is a great way to connect more deeply to your joys and your gratitude’s.

Create a Vision-Board: The goal of a vision board is to fill a large piece of paper with pictures of things that inspire you. It could be pictures of places you want to go, a body you want to achieve or a job you want.


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