11 Signs That He Might Be Having An Affair

An affair is a sexual relationship, romantic friendship, or passionate attachment. Having an affair is another relationship and involves usually more than just a fling. It involves feelings and emotions. It’s like having a second partner.

Below is 11 signs that he might be having an affair.

He Just don’t get as upset about things anymore: When you have other options, you are less affected by problems in a relationship. This is often misinterpreted as someone growing more patience, but, it often a sign they are having an affair.

He stops talking about your future together: If your partner has started seeing someone else, they talk less about their own future with you.

He puts more effort into his appearance: If your partner is dressing nicer, working out more, paying more attention to their grooming, or putting on cologne more regularly than they’re used to, it could be to appeal to someone else and they are often having an affair.

Your gut is telling you: Always listen to your gut feeling, if you believe something is off then follow that feeling. This is a sign you should not ignore.

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Never talks to you: You live together but don’t interact. He has become cold and inconsiderate of your feelings. This is a sign he is having an affair and is loosing that spark in the relationship.

Overly excited about a new acquaintance: If your partner meets a new friend, workout instructor, co-worker and they talk about them, consider that a red flag and is a sign that he is probably having an affair.

He’s making big cash withdrawals: If you notice cash withdrawals from your joint accounts that are out of your partner’s usual spending limit or habit, it could be a sign he is having an affair.

He gaslight you: If you confront your partner and they get upset about your accusation, that’s a sign that he is a having an affair and is trying to manipulate you.

Avoiding emotional intimacy: If you can’t find another explanation for why your partner is pulling away from you emotionally, this is a sign he might be having an affair.

Asking for more privacy than usual: There is nothing wrong with wanting privacy because we all need it. However, sudden changes or an increase in the need for privacy can be one of the signs he is having an affair.

Being secretive with his screens: If they are taking their phone into the shower, asking where they left it, and replying to messages turning the screen away from you. This could be a sign he is having an affair.

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