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    Asking Your Partner For Money In A Relationship – Is It Actually Okay?

    Financial discussions can be uncomfortable to have in any situation. When you are dating someone you care about, money matters can be even more awkward to have with them. This is especially true if you find yourself in a situation where you need to ask your partner for money and vice versa.

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    Of course, while every situation and relationship is different, there’s no right answer for how to have these kind of discussions with your partner.

    Asking your partner for money isn’t a bad thing to do, especially when the need is urgent and important. It can bring you both closer to each other. It will make the giver feel helpful and make the receiver to prove that they are trustworthy.

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    In a relationship, both partners are responsible for each other’s needs. If one is in need of help, the other should help out.

    If your partner asks you for financial aid, support him if you can. This is a way of expressing love because you care about them. Their worries should be your worries.

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