20 Items You Should Include On A Baby Registry

Just as you plan for our wedding registry, you get to plan a baby registry when you have a baby on the way. A baby registry includes the list of gift items you would like to receive from your friends for your baby on the way. Building a baby registry list can be really overwhelming, unlike that of a wedding registry you have to think hard about important items that would be useful to the baby.
20 Items You Should Include On A Baby Registry

A couple who is expecting a child definitely has to come together and put the ist in other to give their friends an idea of what exactly they would love to receive for their baby on the way. Building up a baby registry is important if you don’t want to receive gifts that are not necessarily relevant to the baby’s welfare because there are certain items a new mom will need for her baby.
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Here are 20 items you should include on a baby registry
Infant car seat
Having an infant car seat is important, so you have a place to put the baby while in the car or when you are driving. It is not advisable to carry a baby while driving or while the car is in motion, at the same time you can’t keep the child on the regular car set because it is not fit for babies. So having a baby seat in a baby registry is a must.

Baby strollers are relevant especially when you wish to take your baby out on a stroll or a walk. Strollers are also convenient for you as a mother if you have to leave the house for grocery shopping and other activities.
Breast pump
Most times, you might not be together with your baby, especially for mothers who work full time. Having a breast pump helps you reserve breast milk for your baby even if you are not there to feed him/her.
Baby swing
Having a swing around to help give your arms a rest and help babies get a normal sleep cycle is important. Make sure you don’t forget to add this to your baby registry because it will definitely save you so much stress later.
Nursing pillow
Nursing pillows are great for helping tired new moms hold their babies while breast or bottle feeding them. Nursing pillows also work great for visitors especially little kids who want to try holding the baby. Of course, these pillows often convert to helping babies sit up later on as well.
Sound machine
Noise machines are on the top of every mom’s must-have items. A noise machine helps your baby go to sleep because it reminds them of the noisy womb they were in for the past 9 months.
Baby carrier
Mothers get really busy, cleaning the house, preparing meals, and taking care of the babies. Having a baby carrier will save you especially when you have your baby crying all the baby if you are not present. You can put your baby in the carrier and go about your regular activities.
Baby monitor
Baby monitors help monitor your baby’s breathing, also they can tell when a baby is distressed. For example, if you have to be out for a short while or in your room and your baby is a bit far from you, the baby monitor lets you know that your baby needs your attention.
Baby crib
Having a crib is important for the baby, it is where the baby will sleep for a long period of time until they outgrow it and you can replace it with something new. It is a relevant item that should be added to your baby registry.
Of course, diapers are a must, immediately from the hospital, before the baby is fully dressed, the baby will have to wear a diaper.
Feeding bottles
These are items used to feed babies. It is definitely a must-have on your baby registry. So when writing your baby registry make sure you don’t leave this out because it will come in handy.
Having a thermometer is a must if you have a baby, just in case your baby is having a fever, you can use the thermometer to verify and also check the wellbeing of your baby from time to time. The thermometer is usually packed in the baby kit.

Baby toys
This helps to keep your baby busy all day. Have baby toys prepared for your baby to play with so as to distract them while you do other things.
Baby books
Baby books are a must-have, you could always read your baby to sleep or read to them whenever you are not occupied.
Activity mat
Activity mats are helpful items for a new baby. These multi-functional mats can be used for creating a safe place for a new baby-to-be. It is advised that awake newborns and infants can play on their tummies two to three times a day for three to five minutes each time on the mat.
Baby manicure and pedicure set
This is another important item to have for your baby’s hygiene. You will have to give your baby a trim once in a while, so having this ready is a good idea.
Baby cream/lotion
Babies too are allowed to have lotions, applying lotion to a baby’s body will cause no harm and will help keep their skin moisturized.
Baby clothes
This is another item that is a must-have on your baby registry. Baby clothes are relevant, you don’t want the baby staying naked without anything to put on. So don’t forget to add this to your baby registry.
Baby body wash and shampoo
A baby body wash and shampoo is relevant for a baby’s bath, babies have their bath three or two times a day so don’t miss this out.
Swaddle blanket
Swaddle blankets are used to wrap babies, it typically keeps them feeling safe and comfortable making it easier for them to sleep soundly. Babies are in need of lots of sleep, so don’t leave this out as you put your baby registry together.

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