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    Your Pregnancy Checklist; Everything Counts!

    Immediately the result of your pregnancy test turns out positive, then your life automatically takes a new turn, and as such, preparation for this new phase of life should begin.

    The thought of being pregnant is overwhelming in itself but planning and preparing early enough will save you some stress. From planning your medical appointments to taking childbirth classes and the likes of those will help put your pregnancy period on a smooth ride.

    Here is a pregnancy checklist for you.

    1. All medical appointments should be taken with utmost priority. Have a madical plan and schedule. Know when to go for this scan, that test, that check up and what have you.

    2. Sign up for a childbirth/child education class. This will give you headsup on how to take care of your baby and how to be prepared for child care. You can also learn from experienced mothers, especially if you are a first time mum.

    3. Discuss parental roles with your partner. As you get heavier, your energy level might reduce, depending on your pregnancy situation. Hence the need for a chat with your partner on how they can support you and also, you discuss extensively what parenting is and what you expect from them. Not assuming they already know what to do.

    4. As you get closer to delivery, you need to get a pediatrician that will help manage the health of your baby and that will also be at your beck and call whenever you are confused about something regarding your baby.

    5. At this point, you should have been setting up every material things your baby need. The car seat, clothing, breast pump and bottles, diapers, and every other hospital essentials. Ensure you wash your baby clothes and bedding so as to reduce irritation.

    6. You should also look into arranging for extra help. Either a baby sitter, cleaner or a nanny. With your baby, you have too much on your hands already and if you are lucky, you could get family members that are willing to stay and help you. If not, just get a help instead.

    7. Most importantly, set up your baby’s room. Even if you don’t have a separate room for them, you can carve out a space from your own room for them. Decorate it nicely, set their wardrobe and neatly arrange their essentials in it. Set up the baby court and get the required bedding materials for it. It is nice to have your baby have their own space, no matter how tiny it is.

    Ultimately, you don’t have to wait till you put to bed before you start putting all these in order. A schedule will help you go a long way. Buying and doing things in bulk will also help you. Like shopping in bulk, getting whatever you want to at once, it will save you some stress. Also, cooking in bulk and stocking it up in the freezer, especially when you have an older child. You don’t want them to feel like their needs are being neglected. Do all you can to avoid that, bond well with them and also educate them on how to relate with their new sibling.

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