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    4 Causes Of Delayed Crawling In Babies And How To Rectify Them

    Usually, babies begin crawling at the age of 6 to 12 months. However, it is different for some. When you notice your baby hasn’t started crawling at this age, do not panic. Instead, find out the cause and encourage them to begin crawling. If your child is approaching a year old and still not able to crawl, call the attention of the paediatrician.

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    Below are some of the causes of delayed crawling in babies and what you can do to remedy such:

    Curved-in feet

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    Curved-in feet and bow legs can cause delayed crawling in infants. They can be rectified by stretching and exercising.

    Lack of encouragement

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    Not having enough encouragement or not spending time on their belly can also cause delay. Every time they cry or look like they are unable to roll over or crawl, don’t pick them up. Instead, help them find the motivation to crawl by themselves.


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    Overweight can delay crawling in babies. You can help them achieve optimum weight by allowing them move around.

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    Not having enough tummy time

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    Tummy time is required for your baby to develop the muscles they need to crawl around. Let your child sleep on his back, but during play time, face him downwards, with his favourite toys out of reach, so as to enable him move around.

    Restrictive clothing

    baby crawling KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Restrictive clothing can prevent babies from moving around. Therefore, make sure they are wearing comfortable clothes. You can switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers, if needed, and allow your little one to be naked for sometime each day.

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