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    8 Signs To Show You Are Dating An Emotionally Mature Man

    Mature people have shown to be highly responsible and submissive.

    Dating a mature man will help keep your relationship healthy and sane. For a relationship to work out, both partners need to be emotonally mature and stable.

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    Here are some signs of maturity in a man:
    1. An emotionally mature man is Dependable

    Mature men follow through on what they say they will do. If the man in your life is mature, you can rely on him for the big and small things alike. He shows up on time, he completes tasks when you ask him to complete them, and he keeps sensitive information between the two of you.

    2. An emotionally mature man respects your boundaries and sets his own
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    Mature people understand when no means no, and when yes means yes. They’ve also done the self-work to understand what they themselves are and aren’t comfortable with. If you draw a line physically, emotionally, or mentally, a mature man acknowledges this limit and refuses to push it, even if he’s upset with you.

    • There’s a difference between boundaries and walls. Walls are defensive barriers we put up that have strict limits, and harsh punishments, and leave no room for gray areas. Boundaries, on the other hand, are malleable. They can bend and we can communicate them comfortably.
    • When setting boundaries for yourself, be clear and direct and remind each other that boundaries are not personal. In fact, setting these parameters will lead to a healthier, more intimate dynamic in your relationship.

    3. An emotionally mature man is okay with being vulnerable

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    Mature people are willing to express feelings that make them feel “exposed,” like fear, sadness, and shame. If the man in your life is mature, he will acknowledge that he is feeling anxious, depressed, or insecure rather than fighting you or pretending he is okay as a defense mechanism.

    4. An emotionally mature man is calm in stressful situations

    One key sign of maturity is his ability to keep a level head during a crisis. Mature people don’t overreact, but they also don’t pretend something is okay when it isn’t. If he is mature, he can recognize the severity of stressful situations, but take action and look toward solutions instead of panicking.

    5. An emotionally mature man is self-aware
    Self-awareness shows his maturity by proving he has a healthy, developed sense of self. He recognizes his strengths as well as traits he can improve and he accepts that both of these can co-exist without blaming himself or the world around him.
    6. He is flexible

    Mature men recognize that compromise is essential in making a friendship or relationship work. He values your opinion in every decision-making process, even if it doesn’t align with his own. He’s also willing to re-evaluate choices as time and people change.

    7. He is accountable for his actions
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    Mature men own up to their behaviour and accept fault when they deserve it. They apologize and take full responsibility for where they went wrong, instead of making excuses or blaming others.

    8. He is supportive instead of controlling
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    Mature men recognize and promote their loved ones’ achievements. If you mention a new job you want or a new hobby you’re thinking of taking up, a mature man will encourage you to go for it and ask for ways he can assist you. He recognizes that your success don’t infringe on his capabilities.
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