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    10 Reasons Why You Should Get On A Dating App

    Whether you’re an introvert or a extrovert meeting someone at a bar or like party can be quiet awkward, scary and intimidating. That’s why dating apps are invented nowadays so you might meet someone you get on really well with and has the same interests as you.


    Here are top 10 reasons why you should get on a dating app:

    Less effort: Dating apps requires less effort than dating in real life. There isn’t much expected of you and you can go slow or on whatever phase you want. It is not necessary for you to check your app 24/7.


    Checking it once, twice or few times in a week is minimal effort.

    Easy to Connect with People: It is easy for you to connect with people right away. Signing up for the app and getting messaged quickly is what dating apps offers. There’s options out there nowadays which allows you to swipe left or right. So you wouldn’t get messages from people your not interested in.


    Location: Dating apps have location options which shows you people in your location or nearby. Therefore its easier to meet and date someone closer to you.


    You don’t have to worry about liking someone and them being a far distant.

    Quick and easy to use: Most dating apps are fairly easy and quick to use. Setting it up on your everyday phone and using it wherever you are. You can even be spontaneous and meet someone right away.


    Time: Working all the time and not having the time to date and meet new people is difficult because you feel like you’re wasting all your energy on work and not meeting people. This therefore makes dating app great for busy people that do not have enough time for dating.

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    Multiple dates: You can date multiple people, and go on dates everyday if you want till you meet someone you have a strong connection with. Someone you feel like brings the good out in you and also makes you laugh.


    Boost In Confidence: Its hard nowadays to approach new people. It isn’t very comfortable to do so. Dating apps allow people to be free from judgment and be who they really are and allows you to be confident. Whether you want your profile to be public or anonymous it really is up to you and what you want.


    Slow Phase: Dating apps allow you to go in a slow phase. Whether its messaging them back in few weeks or couple days later. It allows you to talk to someone a few times a week and not much is expected out of both of you.

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    Shared Interest: You can meet someone with the same interests as you and someone who has excellent criteria. Whether that’s travelling, Art or trying out new restaurants. There is bound to be someone with the same interests as you.

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