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    7 Tips For Dating A Single Father

    When you are a singe father, you are hit daily by a world of challenges and stressful situations. The responsibility of parenthood is enormous and when you’re doing it alone, it triples.

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    A single father has likely to have been off the dating game for a long time. Single fathers are often after serious relationships and this is a benefit because you do not want to waste time on dead end dates.

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    Below is 7 tips to dating a single father.

    Be supportive: If you’re dating a single father and want things to be smooth. Being 100% supportive of him is important in everything he does. You should know that his kids come first and you will need to accept that and have no problems with that.

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    Have Patience: You have to give him time to open up and let you in his hurt. So you have to be very patient in waiting and be there for him when it is time to open up.

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    Don’t try to take on the mom role: Just because you two are dating doesn’t mean that you have to play mom to his kids. They already have a mother and would appreciate you not getting involved in things that do not concern you.

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    By trying to step into her shoes, you may be overstepping.

    Be prepared to deal with his ex: If his kids mother is in the picture and is often around, you have to be prepared to deal with her and her being in your partner life.

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    See him as the man he is: Ensure that you show interest in him as a person, work on establishing a deep emotional connection with him. Being a father is just a part of his life and personality. He has more to offer and ensure you find that in him. Learn about him and his him as a dad. Ask about his desires, hopes and goals.

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    Don’t pressure for commitment: Let him commit at his own pace and when is ready. Understand that he to balance between his home and love life. He might be scared to commit again and understanding he will appreciate.

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    Learn to work with his schedule: You would need to learn how to work around his schedule. Single dad often do not have enough time with juggling work and the kids. So be considerate and allow him to decide when and how you can spend time together.



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