Dating 101: Different Outfits For Different Dates

What readily comes to mind when one mentions “Date” is fun, laughter, communication, interaction, wining, dinning and intellectual conversations. But more importantly, what bothers the mind is “what to wear”.

Guys most of the time scarcely have dilemmas when it comes to “what to wear” for a date. Ladies on the other hand, are always faced with the dilemma of ‘”what do i wear?” Should i wear a pair of pants with a free blouse to match it up or a jean and a blazer? should i just do a dress then? or just sit at home and pass? More reason why this is for the ladies.

However, you need to put it in mind that you cannot just wear anything to your date. Different strokes for different folks they say. Fashion has gone beyond just wearing anything to anywhere. You want to know what the date is going to be all about, especially in terms of location so you can go with matching outfits. But most importantly, your comfort is key.

Take for instance, you have a date with your potential spouse to see a movie, you can’t wear a ball dress like you’re going for a ballroom dance. Or your date location is at an amusement park, wearing a dress might be a little out of place, should in case your partner decides to ride the roller-coasters.

In order to avoid these fashion flubs, we have provided you stunning outfits you can wear for your next date.

  1. PICNIC DATE: The picnic date is all about fun activities, food and enjoying each other’s company. It is an outdoor kind of date that requires you to wear something light and free.
Picnic Date Inspiration

2. BEACH DATE: This kind of dating location is all about nature, enjoying the waters and cool breeze by the sea shore. For this, you’d definitely want to go with outfits that reveals more skin, free and still pretty. You could decide to wear a playsuit too.

Beach Perfect Outfits

3. DINNER DATE: Anything dinner date is sure going to happen in a restaurant. Either big or small, dressing to daze onlookers is the main deal. Most times, going with a dress is the best. But you should not do a maxi dress.

Friday Dinner Inspo

4. MOVIE NIGHT OUT: Girl, you are going to the movies, nothing serious, nothing extra. Just go in your simplest outfit.

Casual Date Outfit Inspo

5. GAME NIGHT: Be it an home game night date night or a bowling date, all you need do is to go in all comfy. A pair of leggings, jean, joggers, hoodie or sweatpants with matching T shirts would do for the night.

Check out other exciting Date outfit inspirations below;

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