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    Dating 102; Your Etiquettes Are As Good As Your Outfits


    You are dressed up in all glitz and glam, ready to slay and make head spin as soon as you approach ur date location. Everything on your list has been double checked. But hey! you need to check your etiquettes too!

    Going for dates could be a little rusty and stressful but by following some dating etiquettes, you can relax and enjoy your date with nothing coming in between to distort that experience of yours.

    Although as individuals, you have your own dating rules that suits your style and personality but there are general dating rules and etiquettes you should put in mind.


    1. Dress to impress: As much as you are anticipating the date time out, the other party is too, so you need to dress to impress them. Especially when it is the first date, you should do more than just jean and old T-shirts.

    2. Arrive on time: Punctuality is essential. Everybody’s got what they do with their time. so you don’t want to waste the other party’s time and send a wrong impression. It is no crime the lady gets to the date location first. Jusr be time concious.

    3. Be honest: When it comes to having a conversation with the other party, ensure you are honest with all your replies and reactions. Don’t play games, be straightforward. You don’t want to lead them on unnecessarily.

    Young African American Couple Eating Meal At a fancy resturant

    4. Don’t dominate the conversation: There will always be two sides of a story. Don’t lord your opinion on them and don’t let the conversation be about you alone. Always pause to hear them out too, ask questions. Have a conversation not an interrogation.

    5. Don’t talk about old relationships: It is somewhat disrespectful and there is no bigger turn off than this. It could also make an impression of you comparing them with your old partner or setting standards for them. You could do that if y’all finally end up together. But for a first date, it is not advisable.


    6. Be open-minded: You must have had a long day or a rough day but irrespective, putting on a good attitude and being open minded will help your date feel comfortable with you the whole time you have to spend together.

    7. Be interested but don’t chase him: You have agreed to go on a date with them so you don’t need to act otherwise. Be interested in them, act interested but don’t chase them or make it seem as if you want them at all cost.

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    8. Don’t talk about marriage or children: Avoid pushy subjects like this. You don’t want to sound too desperate as it may scare them away. You don’t know if you’d want to have a second or third, fourth date with them, so just discuss conventional subjects.

    9. Don’t drink too much: You are going on a date with this individual that you are not very familiar with yet, you don’t want to make yourself vulnerable to them so don’t drink too much. If you can, don’t drink at all.Your date might think you have a drinking problem.

    10. Keep short dates: This rule is dependent on how much interest you have in the date. You could do lengthy date if you are having fun but don’t be scared to call it a night when you get tired of the date.

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    Most importantly, just be yourself. Don’t be frigid with the rules. Just play along well and be at the best of your behavior.


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