Dating 106; Dating Location Ideas For You And Your Partner

With difference in interests and financial aspect of a date, picking a location for your date might be a bit of something difficult. But Nigeria has given you a big mass to explore, try and enjoy, just you and your partner.

When two people get to know each other newly, there is the rush to go on several dates in different places, try out stuff together so as to know eachother better and enjoy eachother’s company.

In so doing, here are some date location idea that you can explore with your partner.

1. Outdoor/open-air gardens/huts for picnic. This location provides you aesthetic atmosphere for your fun and intimate conversations. Although it is a public space but in a way you have a level of privacy that can have you and your partner have some intimate conversations, wine, dine and get to know each other better. In this situation, you might want to go along with some picnic items for your comfortability and games that interests both of you or the other could teach the other party.

2. Sea side or River side. If you and your partner love the sea side, or the waters, you could rent a boat and go fishing. Go to the sea with soft music, food, drinks and of course your fishing tools. You could also go with a mini grilling machine that will aide your feast on the catch.

3. A place to learn new skill. Maybe both of you have been meaning to learn a new craft, you could make it a date then. Learning some hand crafts together can be really fun. You can learn how to dance too or how to sing, anything. It might be one-off or continuous, depending on what you both want.

4. If your partner is one who has the vibrant nightlife personality and loves bustling music scene, then you can do a Karaoke date. There are different clubs and lounges that has Karaoke bars where you can display your music prowess or not. Just have fun with the one you love.

5. For the foodies who love serenity, tranquility and the sight of food and its balance in their belly, then a restaurant, coffeshop, bakery booth and the likes of other food joint is the place to go.

6. Amusement Parks are also fun places to go, Art exhibition centers and Cinemas. You can also set up your date location in your house, your garden at home or your courtyard. You could watch the sun set from your backyard, have a grill machine grill some fish for you or make barbecues, just do whatever you want to do.

However, for any location you are meaning to go to for your next date, ensure it is in the interest of your partner. Remember it takes two to tango. Either your partner is the adventurous type, extroverted, introverted, foodie, show stopper or a partygoer, know that there is always a place for everyone to have fun and be excited.