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    10 Gifts To Say I’m Sorry To Your Boyfriend

    Saying sorry is a good thing, but using gifts to say sorry is a better way to do it.  Ladies aren’t the only ones that deserve apology gifts, a man wants to know that you appreciate him and when you wrong him, he wants to be sure that you are really apologetic to him.
    10 Gifts To Say I'm Sorry To Your Boyfriend

    If you had a fight with your boyfriend and you are thinking of gifts to give him to show how sorry you are, you have to think about his interest and things he likes in other to get the appropriate gift for him. Take it as an opportunity to show him how much you love him and reignite the romance all over again.
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    Here are 10 gifts to say I’m sorry to your boyfriend
    10 Gifts To Say Im Sorry To Your Boyfriend KOKOBRIDES4Vintage candy gift box
    Trying to say sorry to your boyfriend? satisfy his childhood cravings by gifting him a candy gift box packed with his favourite candies from his childhood. Anyone would be delighted to receive a sweet reminder from the past.
    10 Gifts To Say Im Sorry To Your Boyfriend KOKOBRIDES6I’m sorry T-shirt
    Get creative and get a T-shirt that says I’m sorry, most times it’s better to wear your apology. You just wear the T-shirt and have its message clearly displayed along with your apology, better yet it can be used over & over again.
    10 Gifts To Say Im Sorry To Your Boyfriend KOKOBRIDES5Chocolate gift set
    Most times, men tend to have a sweet tooth. So why don’t you satisfy his cravings by getting him a gift set filled with chocolate, see it as an opportunity of killing two birds with one stone, show him how sorry you are, and at the same time get him something to satisfy his cravings.
    10 Gifts To Say Im Sorry To Your Boyfriend KOKOBRIDES9Mug
    This is such a good idea especially if your boyfriend is a coffee lover. Getting him a mug that says I’m sorry so whenever he holds it he gets to be reminded as to how sorry you are. He would definitely appreciate this.
    10 Gifts To Say Im Sorry To Your Boyfriend KOKOBRIDES8Apology basket
    Bring a creative twist to your apology with an I’m sorry basket with an assortment of goodies that your boyfriend would like. Make a colorful question box with some cute emojis and text that says “I’ve been such a jerk, Will forgive me.” With two checkboxes right under the question with a Yes/No option and then sign it off with PS: I love you! You can also include an eraser acknowledging that you’ve made a mistake.
    10 Gifts To Say Im Sorry To Your Boyfriend KOKOBRIDES7I’m sorry teddy bear
    Giving gifts like this are an amazing way to say you are sorry. When you want to apologize, sometimes the best way to do it is with a cuddly teddy bear. Send your hugs and apology together and trust me, your boyfriend would surely accept your apology.
    10 Gifts To Say Im Sorry To Your Boyfriend KOKOBRIDES3Apologize with poetry and music
    Poetry and music have been used to relay different messages over time, you can write heartfelt poetry about your situation and how you feel to let him know how sorry you are, you can also look for a song that is about apologies and play it for him. You can make the first track on the list your apology and mark the others as love songs for him. Play it in the background when you’re having a heart-to-heart. Just make it as unique and different as is your relationship. Gifts like this will be well appreciated.
    long distance RELATIONSHIP KOKOBRIDES 1Apology video
    Another unique way of making your apology evident is to make an Apology Video, just record yourself apologizing to your boyfriend, explaining your reasons for the behavior. Usually one tends to write out their feelings or audiotape them, the video is a notch up in the ‘make up’ process.
    10 Gifts To Say Im Sorry To Your Boyfriend KOKOBRIDES2Romantic Indoor picnic
    Invite him over for a talk, surprise him with an intimate evening together and convey your guilt to him. You can organize a romantic picnic indoors, lay a blanket or throw it on the floor, make the ambiance romantic by adding a few scented candles, smoke-free, and serving either his favorite meal, that you’d have cooked yourself or ordered from outside. It will definitely go a long way to show that you are sorry.
    10 Gifts To Say Im Sorry To Your Boyfriend KOKOBRIDES1Gift of time
    Show your boyfriend you don’t want to waste another minute between the two of you. Give him a watch with the beautiful engraving you have decided on. Each time he flips open the watch, he’ll understand how precious the time you spent together is and that wasting another minute shouldn’t occur. This is a great gift idea.
    10 Gifts To Say Im Sorry To Your Boyfriend KOKOBRIDES12

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