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    10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Hausa Girl

    Hausa ladies are very attractive because of their calm and well-behaved nature, they are very easy to understand in terms of relationships. They are brought up to respect and be open to their partner no matter who they are or where they are. If you have ever loved a Hausa girl here are reasons why you should date a Hausa girl. 
    Why You Should Date A Hausa Girl
    Hausa which is one of the three cardinal Ethnic groups in Nigeria is undoubtedly blessed with beautiful women. The women are beautiful in all aspects ranging from natural beauty to inner beauty.
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    These are ten reasons why you should date a Hausa girl.

    1. They Are Trustworthy.
    Hausa ladies are very trustworthy and faithful when it comes to relationships, they can stay in a relationship with one person without dating someone else because they are very cautious of the way society will see them or how their partner will start seeing them. They value their self-respect a lot and you will hardly ever see a Hausa married woman having extra-marital affairs. In the Northern part of Nigeria and the traditions of the Hausa people, it’s against their custom to have extra-marital affairs with anyone except their husband.
    2. Natural Attributes Of Obedience.
    They portray this natural trait of respect and obedience. Most Hausa girls are obedient in all aspects of life from starting from their early stage of life to their mature state of mind, they are very cautious with the things they say and what they do, just not to disrespect anyone more especially in relationships that lead to marriage. They have an extraordinary submission to their husband.
    3. Decency.
    They live a very decent life because that’s what they are being taught in the community they come from. When you visit the northern part of the country, you find out that Hausa girls are very decent with their lifestyle and their sense of dressing, you hardly find them wearing exposing clothes because of their cultural beliefs and you will also hardly find them opening flirting.
    4. They Have A Calm Hearted Nature
    Hausa women are very calm when it comes to their partner’s condition either be it good or bad, or poor or rich. They have the tendency to be with their husband no matter how hard the situation is, not all of them really want flashy life and look ahead of something they did not have.
    5. They Are Religious.
    Hausa people practicing Islamic religion don’t take it for granted, they take it very seriously that’s why you need a Hausa woman that will pray for you and someone who loves the creator of the earth as much as you do. This is a major reason why you should date a Hausa girl.
    6. They Are Family Oriented.
    Family plays a vital role in the life of every child, especially a female child. Hausa women love spending quality time with their family and loved ones, in a way that creates memories that they will cherish and hold on to for the rest of their lives.

    7. They Are Homely.
    They are very comfortable being at home because they don’t really feel the need to go out when they have grown up to love their homes, so you as a partner will not be worried about what they are up to when they are unreachable.
    8. They Are Accommodating.
    Hausa people in general are very accommodating when they know you are bringing them no troubles or issues they welcome you with an open hand. This is the same with the ladies, they have this kind and honest nature anywhere they are. 9. They Are Caring.
    Hausa girls are well trained in terms of taking care of the family since from the teenage age, they are well trained in terms of cooking and taking care of the family, their parents enrolled them in all the house chores and cooking. As a result of how they see their mother take care of the family and the training they received in terms of cooking, they can be able to take care of the family and cook well.
    10. Privacy.
    Islam dictates the way of life in the largely Muslim North. Public display of affection, with men and women mingling, is unacceptable. So looking for private dating life because you don’t want your relationship to be out there, then this is why you should date a Hausa girl.

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