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    Best Tips To Encourage Your Baby To Make Their 1st Movement

    Encouraging your baby to move around will help them to explore the world in a whole new way, and it will help them develop the muscles they need for movement.

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    Below are ways you can help your baby to make their first movement:

    Tummy time

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    Tummy time is a good way to encourage your baby to make their first movement. By playing on their bellies, babies can develop the muscles they need to crawl.

    Moving their favourite toys out of their reach

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    Encourage your little one to reach out for things that is a little bit out of their way. This will not only motivate them to move around, but also help with their motor development.

    Support your child’s tummy with your leg or a rolled-up towel

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    If your baby is still struggling to make their first movement, this method will help. Put them in a crawling position and support them with your leg or a rolled-up towel.

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    Support them with your hands when they are in a crawling position

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    Place your palm behind your child’s feet to stabilize them when they are trying to reach out for something. Also, allow them to go barefoot during play time so that they can develop muscles to grip the floor.

    Limit the time they spend in walkers or carriers

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    If your baby spends so much time on this equipment, it can delay walking, because they might feel lazy to sit up and look around on their own.

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