10 Tips To Help Families Deal With Loss

Grief is a journey that is endured after the loss of a loved one. It’s easy to become overwhelmed as you work through the phases and tasks of grief so it’s important to remember to help families deal with it.

Below is 10 tips to help families deal with loss.

Keep the Faith: Remember them that intense grief doesn’t last forever. Help the family keep the faith that one day they heal and be whole again.

Have Fun: People won’t allow themselves to have any fun after a loss. They feel like dishonouring the memory of their loved one. A great way to make them have fun is to surround them with children or animals.

Help them stay a family: Everyone in the  family will carry the loss in their hearts for the rest of their lives. Help them create a family tradition that will help them remember the good memories they had together.

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Send something: Send them things. They will appreciate it. Home cooked meals, Remembrance items, Food and home staples and Thoughtful cards and letters.

Help out: Help out around the house. Help them with laundry and help prepare meals for them so they do not worry about having to feed themselves.

Be Comfortable With Silence: Sometimes there truly are no words, so don’t feel like you have to fill the silence while they grieve.

Be gentle: There is no specific timeframe in place for families to accept their loss and move on from grieving. Don’t judge them for not doing better or taking too long.

Find them a Support Group: Find the family a support group. This adds a layer of support for them. They can also really talk about their feelings.

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Be A Stress Reliever: If families do not know what will help, you can offer ideas that may provide some sort of relief, such a long hug, a back massage or a good laugh.

Be A Spokesperson: Following the loss of a loved one, multiple people reach out to those in mourning. It can also be extremely overwhelming. Families would appreciate you if you take on the role of spokesperson.


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