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    10 Reasons Why Parents Hide Their Children’s Identity On Social Media

    Social media is such an amazing world and for many a good place to share memories, moments, and life as they go through it. When many become parents they document cute family moments and share on social media or even their kids as they grow and walk through life.

    Children's Identity On Social Media

    In recent times social media has become a place where extra care is required in dealing with followers, viewers, and fans. Sharing on social media put children in danger and many times calls for caution to prevent major hazards or putting kids in harm’s way.
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    1. Invasion of privacy
      Recording kids and sharing on social media is an invasion of privacy as the innocence of the child is invaded and lost. According to Common Sense Media, at around 5 years old children start to develop a sense of themselves as individuals and how the rest of the world perceives them. Their privacy becomes more of a concern. They may start to feel embarrassed about the content their parents post about them on social media.
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    2. To prevent bullying
      Many times kids are exposed to bullying by nasty and wicked souls who leave negative comments about kids, their personalities, or looks. Whether your child cares about old photos and stories about them on social media, others may be able to use that information to make fun of, insult, and even bully your child as he or she grows older.
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    3. To protect their future 
      Certain mindsets may be formed about a child from their look on social media and it goes on to impact their future. Parents shield their children from incidents like this to help them have an easy start into the future.
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    4. Kidnapping
      Kidnapping has become rampant in today’s world and sometimes the information of kids released on social media is how this occurs. Also the case of digital kidnapping where the photos, identities of the kids are circulated around social media without authorization. Parents shield their children from incidents like this to ensure they are fully protected.
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    5. Take away pressure
      A child just like adults could be impacted by social media pressure and the more exposure to social media the more conscious they become and they are robbed off of their childhood innocence. Let children explore every aspect of their childhood without being overly conscious.
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    6. Parental guidance
      It is the overall responsibility of parents to guide, protect their children and one way to do that is to take them off social media. Social media is now a toxic, unsafe world so extra care is required in protecting the little ones from harm.
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    7. Giving Away Personal Information
      Posting on social media means giving away personal information that should be guarded with utmost care like name, age, school, routines, etc. This information is littered across social media leading to over-exposure of the little one. cool parents kokobridesPhoto Credit: Getty

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