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    10 Tips To Help Parents Discuss Sex With Their Kids

    Many parents dread having “the sex talk” with their child. However, these conversations can be a great opportunity to develop a deep and trusting relationship. Start off by discussing sex and the body at an early age. Be as clear as possible and use biologically accurate terms for body parts and sexual practices.

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    Below is 10 Tips to help parents discuss sex with their kids.

    Initiating the Conversation: If you get an indication that your child is being exposed to sexual information, then it is time to start talking with them yourself.

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    Choose the right place and time: It is best to discuss sex when you and your child are alone. This will allow both of you to be honest and straightforward without worrying about peer pressure or embarrassment.

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    Expect them to possess some prior knowledge: Be aware that your child has probably been exposed to a wide variety of sexual information fairly early on. The internet, radio, and TV all express sexualized messages on a regular basis. You might start the conversation with your child by asking them what they’ve seen or heard.

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    Talk about sex more than once: Consider your conversation with your child as one that is ongoing and continual. Look for opportunities in your daily life when you can bring up the subject or provide them with some useful information.

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    Talk about love: If you just talk about sex as a biological act, then your child may grow to view it as such. Make sure to emphasize the way that love often plays a part in sexual relationships.

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    Use biological names: Labelling sexual body parts with fake names or nicknames may only confuse or delay your child’s understanding of their body.Call the sexual body parts by their proper name.

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    Explain clearly: When your child asks for a description of how sex occurs, it is best to offer a quick, clear description that leaves room for them to ask follow-up questions.

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    Talk about peer pressure and sexual assault:  Sexual bullying is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly common at schools. Teach your children how to identify sexual pressure, as connected to peer pressure. Emphasize the benefits of saying, “No,” in uncomfortable situations.

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    Stay calm and collected: You and your child will most likely both be nervous during these sex talks. But, as a parent, it is important that you keep a level head and be calm. Do not laugh at your child’s questions.

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    Ask them if they have any questions: At the end of each talk, make sure to ask them if they have any lingering questions that they would like to talk about. Let them know your always there for them and your door is always open.

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