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    7 Important Medical Tests To Undergo Before Exchanging Vows

    As important as it is to spend forever with your favourite person, it is equally important to go through various tests fondly called compatibility tests and in this test, are a lot of other important tests that you and your partner must undergo

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    But there is one test that supersedes all these tests because it can actually strengthen or break down the relationship. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that prior to getting married, the health status of their partner is known. Both you and your future spouse should get tested.

    There are essentially seven medical tests that a couple should undergo before getting married.

    1. HIV Test 
    It is very important to know if your spouse is fit for the ‘together forever’ that you both have planned. You should ensure that neither you nor your partner is HIV positive before you decide to get married. It is important to note that Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) causes AIDS and weakens the body’s ability to fight infections. This is an important test to take as it determines your future togethertest for couples bride KOKO nigeria

    2. Ovary Test
    This applies to women who marry late, It is advisable to get an ovary test done because it determines the plan for a family. Women in their 30s generally experience a decrease in egg production which makes family planning a difficult. The test is less important if both partners decide not to have biological children.test for couples bride KOKO nigeria 1

    3. Genetic Test
    Gone are the days when people get married and expect lady luck to give them healthy children or healthy marriages without doing the barest minimum. Before marriage, both the partners should have their genetic tests done to know if they have inherited or had the potential to inherit any illness. On another angle, it’s also very important to do a genetic test if children are in the picture of their perfect family.genetic test

    4. STD Test
    This is one of the most important tests to be taken or done by couples especially if they have sexual history with other people in time past. Both parties should be tested for STDs9 (sexually transmitted diseases).


    5. Blood Group Compatibility Test And Genotype 
    Couples could have difficulty during pregnancy if their blood groups are not compatible. It should be ensured that the Rhesus factor of both the partners is the same or in a compatible range. Genotype on the other hand is equally as important. Just like the ovary test, it is of less importance if both parties do not have kids in their future plans for a family.

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    6. Fertility Test 
    Before getting married, both spouses should get an infertility test. It assists men in determining the health of their sperm as well as their sperm count. Women can also learn whether they will have difficulty conceiving.

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    7. Screening for other diseases
    Chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart conditions must be screened for. This is due to the fact that they negatively affect the outcome of a pregnancy. Any couple intending to marry must know their hypertensive and diabetic status because of the association of these conditions with infertility and high-risk pregnancies.nurse taking blood pressure reading Trending Video of the day;

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