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    Important Tips On How To Babyproof Your Home For Crawling

    Babyproofing your home is a way of keeping your baby safe when they start crawling. Babies like to explore, and in the course of their exploration, they could get in touch with things they shouldn’t.

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    Your baby’s safety should be one of your top priority, so be sure to avoid any harmful thing from getting to their reach.

    Below are tips on how to babyproof your home for crawling:

    Install safety gates

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    This is one of the most important ways to childproof your home during the crawling stage of your little one.

    Babies are curious and are determined to explore their surroundings. That means crawling up or down the stairs or getting into rooms they shouldn’t be in! Installing safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs will keep them safe from falling and tumbling.

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    Move or Cover Cords and Cables

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    Anything that babies can wrap around their necks is a deadly hazard in the home. This includes cords on blinds and electrical cables for home devices. One of the most effective way to make sure your blinds are safe is to replace your current blinds with cordless window treatments.

    Exposed electrical cables for lamps, TVs, computers, and other devices are another hazard. When possible, rearrange your setup to keep wires blocked or hidden by furniture, or use baby-proof cable covers to keep them away from their curious hands (and mouths).

    Move or Secure Wobbly or Heavy Furniture

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    When babies start crawling, they’ll also start using furniture and other objects to pull themselves up and stand. Furniture that is not secured can be dangerous for exploring babies.

    If it wobbles, moves easily across the floor, tips easily, or has heavy objects on top of it, your baby could get hurt. Make sure to secure anything that might tip over if your baby would use it to stand.

    Use Safety Locks

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    Another way to childproof your home when exploring begins is by using safety locks. Bathroom doors, cabinets, and drawers are all places you’ll likely want to put on a safety lock, especially if they contain cleaning products or choking hazards.

    Safety locks add a little bit of inconvenience when you need to quickly access something, but you can also be rest assured knowing your baby won’t get into things they shouldn’t.

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