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    5 Negative Effects Of Strict Parenting On Children

    It is necessary to instil discipline in children, but over-doing it makes you an authoritarian parent. Over-strict parents are less likely to have their children’s attention.

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    Over-strict parenting creates behaviour problems in children. Being an authoritarian, you tend to do some of the following:

    • Punish harshly
    • Shutting down your kids when they try to express themselves
    • Being too insulting
    • Expect kids to follow orders without questioning you
    • Withhold love and affection

    All of these have negative effects on your children. We shall discuss some of these negative effects below:

    Low-self esteem

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    Children whose parents are authoritarian are more likely to have low-self esteem. They shy away from the crowd and always keep things to themselves.

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    Over-strictness makes a child fearful. This can affect their development, mental health and even your relationship with them as a parent.

    Alcohol and drugs


    Due to the fact that you don’t listen to them when they express themselves, they may seek attention from other people who are ready to listen to them. As such, end up joining bad friends who will lead them astray in taking alcohol and drugs, and doing all sorts of negative things.

    Lower academic achievement

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    Over-strictness affects a child’s performance in school. They may become dull and cold because they are so afraid to speak out.

    Difficulty in making decisions

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    Shot of a young girl looking upset while being scolded by her mother at home.

    Children with strict parents depend on others to make decisions for them because they constantly look to their parents for approval.

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