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    8 Tips To Protect Yourself From Being Catfished

    Catfishing is the act of being deceived by someone online. Catfishing happens most often on dating sites and social media platforms. When a person pretends to be someone else in order to establish a relationship under false pretences.

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    Below is tips to protect yourself from being catfished.

    Ask for Proof of Who They Are: If you start talking to someone and have a serious connection, but are worried you might be a victim of catfishing, you can always ask for proof of who they are. You could ask for a picture of them, if they refuse they probably a catfish.

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    Trust Your Instincts: You can often tell when something doesn’t feel right. Following your instinct is a great way and root to solving your problems.

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    Be Suspicious of People You Don’t Know: If someone is looking to start a conversation, be friendly, but practice caution in opening up the conversation right away.

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    Don’t Send Them Money: Don’t ever send money to someone you just met online. Cat fishers use persuasive techniques like playing the sympathy card, to con victims into sending them money.

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    Ask To Video Chat With Them: An easy way to find out is by asking the person to video chat with you. How they respond will give you great insight into who they really are. If they make excuses not to, they are likely a catfish.

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    Check Their Online Profiles: Whether it’s on social media or an online dating sites, you should really look into their profile. You can often tell if the profile is fake.

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    Don’t Give Away Your Personal Information: If you are chatting with someone online you don’t know, make sure not to give away any personal information. This includes your phone number and address.

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