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    4 Types Of Parenting Styles You Should Know

    Different parents have their own ways of training their children. In some families, strict parenting is a way of instilling discipline in a child.

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    Strictness simply means being firm. Cultural backgrounds have a great impact on parenting style.

    The definition of culture refers to a pattern of social norms, values, language, and behaviour shared by individuals. As a result, parents are affected by their culture.

    Below are the different types of parenting styles:

    Authoritarian Parenting

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    Parents of this style are generally strict and inflexible. They tend to have a 1-way mode of communication where the parent establishes strict rules that the child obeys.

    There is little to no room for negotiations from the child, and the rules are not usually explained. They expect their children to uphold these standards while making no errors.

    Authoritative Parenting

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    These parents are nurturing but also discipline. They typically develop a close, nurturing relationship with their children.

    They have clear guidelines for their expectations and explain their reasons associated with disciplinary actions. Disciplinary methods are used as a way of support instead of punishment.

    Not only can children have input into goals and expectations, but there are also frequent and appropriate levels of communication between the parent and their child. Generally, this parenting style leads to the healthiest outcomes for children but requires a lot of patience and effort from both parties.

    Permissive Parenting

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    Permissive parents tend to be warm and nurturing and usually have low levels of expectations. They impose limited rules on their children.

    Communication remains open, but parents allow their children to figure things out for themselves. They rarely use disciplinary measures or harsh rules. They act more like friends than parents.

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    Uninvolved Parenting

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    Children are given a lot of freedom as this type of parent typically stays out of the way. They often meet the child’s basic needs while remaining detached from their child’s life.

    An uninvolved parent does not make use of a particular disciplinary style and has limited communication with their child. They tend to offer little nurturing while having little or no expectations of their children.

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