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    10 Reasons Men Are Scared Of Marriage

    Marriage brings responsibilities, and even if a man is interested in marrying, he may not feel certain about how he would deal with them. Marriage brings a change, a husband is a big step-up from a boyfriend. This means transforming from your original self into something new.

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    Men feel terrified by thoughts of commitment since they feel that they will not be in control any more in the path of where life will take. The transition from boyfriend to husband is  hard. They often feel like they will have a huge responsibility.

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    Below are 10 reasons why men are scared of marriage.

    Loss Of Independence: Being married means your spouse will often influence a lot of decisions of your life. Many men worry that they will have to take her opinion about everything from the colour of his shirt to the food he eats. Men often feel a loss of independence because they would have to rely on the partner more when it comes it marriage.

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    Lack of independence causes most men to grow terrified. They feel like that they will not be in control anymore of the path their lives would take.

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    Poor Perception Of Wives: Perception is important and often plays a factor why men are afraid of marriage. Social media has led men be against marriage. Many deeming that wives can be annoying and that marriage is often horrible with no happiness. However, no human is perfect and no marriage is perfect.

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    Sharing Everything: Once a guy marries, he believes his mindset will change; money earned by him would be also hers and it would become ‘our income’ and his house also because ‘our house’. They will share everything. Most guys do not love sharing their personal possessions or money which they would have to do once they marry.

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    Strain On Finances: Men are often concerned about increased expenses due to marriage and their partner joining the household. They believe this is something a boyfriend would not have to deal with. They also feel like they need to take instructions and advice from another person about the way they should spend their money.

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    Less time for friends: Getting married means having less time at parties and hanging out friends. You won’t be able to be careless and have someone else to think about. The thought of not being able to do the stuff he used to do with them, scares him about marriage.


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    End of romance: All the chemistry that a boyfriend and girlfriend use to bring will go. All that excitement seeing each other on the weekend will not be the same. Many guys believe that once she becomes his wife there is a high probability and priorities may change.

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    Men thought process is that they believe their wives will be always cranky, which no man desires or wants.

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    Expensive Divorce: Although no man wishes divorce upon themselves they know how expensive divorce is. It is often a expensive settlement for them, they are often clueless and have barely any knowledge on alimony and compensation.

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    Many men who already have a negative opinion about marriage tend to be afraid about this. This leads them to stay away from marriage completely.

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    Fear of Being Controlled: Because of the strong mothering pressure that most men experience growing up, fear of being controlled is a common pattern. Men value their independence and freedom. They believe that once they are married their every move will be controlled.

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    Fear of Growing Up: Most men feel like they are not a responsible adult who is ready to take on the responsibilities marriage comes with. They may feel they are growing to quick which makes them feel overwhelmed with change. This will also make him have fear of making up his mind or trusting his own judgment.

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    Uncertain Future: Most men tend to feel that they are losing control over their lives, when they think of the future because they are not sure about what the future holds. Making a huge commitment like marriage, the answer to all questions becomes serious.


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