Party After Party!!! 10 Steps To Plan A Lit Wedding After-Party

The wedding after-party is the real turn up of a wedding event, that various fun activities take place. this is the modern trend and mixture of wedding parties where the couples with their family and friend turn up to the fullest the wedding after-party is the desert of a full course meal.

When organizing a wedding event and you want it to be fun for both yourself and the people invited, you need to think outside the box because you want your ceremony to be a thing of joy and something to remember, that’s why wedding after-party has become a trend.
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So here are 10 steps to plan a lit wedding after-party.
1. Include it in general Planning.
You should not forget to plan your after-party so that everything will be in place when you arrive, so you won’t be disorganized, rather free from stress. You definitely don’t want your event to be a flop so you also need to go around with the event organizers to check out location, food vendors, deco, etc. Just to put everything in place.
2. Choosing the perfect location
Picking a good location comes in very handy because you don’t want the location of the after-party to be far from the wedding event because that can discourage people from turning up, so you have to pick somewhere close to your main event.
3. Invite a given amount of people.
The event should be a small one with close family and friends, it’s not nice to move a certain amount of people from the main event to the after party so you have to make it a bit private and the setting for the party a small one that can accommodate a certain amount of people

4. Communicating the details of the event with the guest.
Your guest should be kept informed about every detail of the after-party so as not to be in the dark while turning up. The location and every other relevant detail should be sent out to them.
5. Wear what you want.
After the main event, you should change into something that’s more comfortable and cozy without it being too choked up so you can party properly because it’s your day and you deserve all the fun.6. Props for photos.
For a lit after-party, you definitely don’t want to forget the picture props. You need fancy and fun designs for the pictures to make your photos as lit as possible for socials and also memories to hold on to.

7. Include fun activities.
The occasion shouldn’t be a boring one for both you and your guest, you should include fun activities that will make the event lively, not just dance dance dance till your legs fall off, activities like karaoke, stand up comedy, slide show, and more to spice things.

8. Availability of food and drinks.
Food is the way to people’s hearts, open their stomachs you have generally opened their hearts. Varieties of food and drinks should be made available to guests. You can also make the menu different from the regular one and it could properly be a buffet kind of setting.

9. Live performance.
To entertain your guest and make things a little bit different, hire a live band to perform. Also invite a guest performer if it can fit into your budget can be of no harm, just a touch of perfection.10.  Be yourself and have fun.
Be comfortable and have fun to the fullest because it’s your wedding day. Unlike the main event, the after-party is a space where you and your partner can be free to do whatever you want.

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