11 Pros And Cons To Know Before Locking Your Hair

Dreadlocks are one of the coolest hairstyles to rock, It can be called the easiest because it can be formed out of neglect, you can choose to do absolutely nothing with your hair for a long time and this will automatically cause your hair to knot, making it dreadlocks ready.

Although, it may not be for everybody. It can be for anybody but before you decide to take the big step, here are a few pros and cons you should be aware of.

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The Pros

1. Knots are your friend.
When you have dreadlocks, you won’t have to worry about having knotted hair. You don’t need to tearfully and painfully comb it out. You’ll even be happier with knots since that way, it will be easier to form locks.

2. Enhances your look.
With interlocked hair, you always have a fashion statement that goes with your style. Dreads also make you look fierce yet chill at the same time, no matter what you wear.

3. Dreadlocks Promote Hair Growth & Health.
Since your hair is in locks, which are suitable for moisture and strength, dreadlocks serve as a health-promoting protective style with minor wear and tear, allowing your hair to grow healthy and thrive. You retain all your growth and all your hair because everything is literally locked on your head.

4. Easy Maintenance.
Dreadlocks are easy to maintain because you don’t need to wash your hair often. Water  loosens your locks. Washing them every two weeks or longer is more preferable. Overtime, you’ll be able to build your hair’s stamina, which means that you can go longer without washing it.

5. It boosts your confidence level.
Dreadlocks make for an excellent fashion statement, they help you express your individuality and make you comfortable in your own skin. They prove that you’re bold enough to express your personality and style.

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6. No such thing as bad hair days.
Because your hair stays the same day in and day out, you won’t have to worry about bad hair days anymore. This means that you can have great hair every day, whether you’re going to the office or out on a date.


The Cons

While there are positive and advantageous reasons for locking your hair, there are also some negative aspects to consider, bearing in mind that negative is relative to every individual. Here are some cons that might or might not make you reconsider

7. Stereotypic Attention And Negative
Some people have negative connotations about dreadlocks. In some certain parts of the world, people with dreads are seen as irresponsible and unruly. While, this would make people keep away from you, it could also get you in trouble because of the wrong notion attached to it.

8. It requires a lot of patience
Dreadlock doesn’t just grow after two weeks or a month, there are stages where it looks like its not even moving but if you cant exercise patience, it would annoy you. Unless you have long hair before turning them into locks, you’ll have to wait a while to have really long dreads.

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9. Scalp Care
When on dreads, you can’t always wash your hair like you used to because it would loosen and thin out your locks and this means dirt could get stuck in your hair, and make your scalp itchy.
10. Maintenance
Once you decide to keep natural dreadlocks, it may prove costly, especially during the early initial stages of growing them, requiring rigorous care, and continued maintenance Some dreadlock styles may be expensive since they need to be done by a professional with excellent locking skills. 11. Comfort.
You might find it difficult or uncomfortable to sleep on them during the first few days or weeks. Some people never really grow fond of sleeping on them.
Dreadlocks are a cool thing to sport. But it may not be for everybody. If you can’t stand awkward stares or the stereotyping, then it may not be for you and what seems like a disadvantage to someone is actually a great advantage to someone else.

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