7 Ways To Handle People Trying To Take Over Your Wedding

It comes as no surprise that someone who probably thinks they know best or are simply trying to help, will take over your wedding.

Blame it on excitement or whatever, when  you’re planning your wedding, there will be that one person overstepping their boundaries throwing their opinions left, right and center. While there is nothing wrong with them expressing themselves, do not need be afraid of what they will say. All in all, it is your big day and you need to have fun and not surrounded by nay-sayers.

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Here are great ways to deal with such people.

i. Give them definite tasks

This is a good way to keep them involved while limiting their chances if doing any damage. Assign them specific tasks where they can’t do much damage like following up with caterers.

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ii. Have boundaries:
Don’t shy away from saying no! Politely shut down anyone who tries to start up any fights. Avoid confrontations and remember it is your big day and you need to be in charge of everything to make it memorable for you and your partner.

iii. Give yourself space: Having breathing space will help you think clearer and get through any tough situations. It is your day and you deserve all the happiness. If you must, step away from the ‘know it alls’ and take a break to regroup.

iv. Cut them out: Remember it is your big day! If at any given point you feel disrespected or pushed to the wall by the toxic people cut the cord. Most times relatives and nosey friends who think they are entitled to their opinions can ruin your day if you’re not careful. If it reaches breaking point, you may need to drop them.

v. Destruct yourself: Should anyone feel that they are against your wedding plans, avoid speaking to them and try not to let their opinions define your day (and mood). You don’t need to stop having fun or going out of your way because of them. If it’s dancing do so, make toasts and take pictures without putting much thought on them.

vi. Get a friend or another relative to watch them: If there’s one thing every bride dislikes is anyone who wants to take over their day. To avoid getting into brawls with them, let a friend be on the look out to ensure everything goes according to plan.

vii. Speak up: In most weddings you not only get the dramatic relative, the know-it-all guest or choosy bridesmaid but also there are those who don’t get the essence of plus one and want the entire family to come. Before it gets too far set the record straight. It’s either your way or the highway.

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