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    7 Ways To Introduce Your Partner To The Family

    Congratulations! If you are reading this then your relationship is ready to move to the next stage, meeting the family.

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    Yes, this is a huge step and a tough huddle to jump. You obviously want your family to like your significant other at the same time you want their honest opinion on what they think about them.

    It’s a thin line to cross especially when you have a dramatic family. You definitely know they might embarrass you but you have no option anyway, they are family.

    If you wish to introduce your partner to the family but you are scared, here are some tips to help you cross this bridge when the time comes:

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    Talk to your family before the meeting: This might seem like an obvious thing to do but you need to seat them down and express how important this is to you. Explain what you expect from them and how they should carry themselves around their potential in law. First impressions are very important and meeting the family could either mean good or bad for the relationship.

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    Keep the meeting short:
    First meetings should stay short; I mean it’s only an introduction not interrogation. If your family spends too much time with your partner, stories will turn into questions and questions know how to find the worst in people. The last thing you want to do is offend your partner and make them feel trapped amongst your kin.

    Go slow on the baggage: Yes, he or she may have a child or not earn the same amount as you but what’s the need of bringing all that up during the first meeting? At the end of the day you are with them for a reason and don’t bring up topics that are likely to rile up your family and result to judgements. As mentioned earlier, first impressions are very important on both sides.

    Don’t leave them alone for too long: Obviously the point of the meeting is to have your family know your partner but don’t leave them alone for too long. You can intermittently be showing up and ask if the meeting is doing okay but if the meeting is over dinner, the better, you will be there the whole time.

    10 Ways To Avoid A Toxic Relationship KOKOBRIDES 3Have your secret cues: You know your family better and it would be wise to have some hidden cues on when your partner would like you to swoop in and change the subject. Also this way you will be able to know those giving your partner hell and how to handle the situation.

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    Fill them in on family dynamics: At the end of the day, no family is perfect and you should let your partner know this in advance. Inform them about sensitive topics and people that easily get offended. This way they don’t cross any lines or witness drama they weren’t anticipating.

    Remind them that your opinion matters: Assure your partner everything is going to be fine and that your opinion is all that matters at the end of it all. There is nothing as bad as your partner feeling like you have left them alone to fend for themselves amongst your family members.10 Tips To Help You Remain Celibate In A Relationship KOKOBRIDES5

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